IP Security Surveillance Cameras

Awhile sales of IP security cameras are booming in recent months, protection organizations warn of the fact that these connected devices must be set correctly for fear of being true entry doors for cyber criminals and thieves.

Sales statistics is increasing in the field of connected IP CCTV cameras defined on SECURITYPOLOGY.COM. But what most buyers do not know is if their facility is not secured with a strong password and different from the default affixed by the manufacturer of the equipment, everyone can view the precious flow live video from anywhere in the world via a simple Internet connection and a web browser!

Ironically, the criminals can then collect valuable information on the habits of their victims and the video device is found then turned against its owner and totally diverted from its primary goal…

On the site insecam. org more than 230 cameras are listed just on Swiss territory. Some show landscapes, others allow end up on a special terrace, or to see his car in his garage. Other systems present a view of the interior of a fitness or that of a jewelry store.

IP cameras-Serious security gaps

Francis Meier, collaborator with the proposed federal protection of data, makes attentive users with safety deficiencies connected cameras:

For the specialist, consult private shooting does not constitute a crime. However, one who distributes these pictures without the knowledge of the persons appearing risk of being sued for breach of privacy. For law enforcement, such well-configured cameras are useful, but do not neglect other more conventional means of protection such as alarms with motion sensors.