iPhone 5: Always Is Still The Most Popular Smartphone Camera

Flickr users, Apple devices are a popular replacement for pure-bred cameras: the statistics published on the photo platform to the most commonly used devices of its users prove this impressively. Apple is represented with a total of 19 models, and continues so to the top of the most popular manufacturers.

The most popular device is according to the statistics still have the iPhone 5 s, reported PhoneArena. Behind them comes the Samsung Galaxy S4, followed by Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5. Among the top five manufacturers, also Sony located next to Apple, Samsung and the camera manufacturer Canon and Nikon. Sixth is HTC, followed by Motorola to seventh place. Other well-known manufacturers of camera smartphones are slightly beaten: LG is therefore ranked eleven, while Nokia lands at # 13.

iPhone 5 Always Is Still The Most Popular Smartphone Camera

Flickr And Apple In The United States, Popular

By the way, the following fact is striking in the ranking: while all manufacturers, the models of the last years are the most popular, Flickr members with a Smartphone by Motorola rather use the low end devices such as the Moto G by 2013, the G2 Moto and the older Moto X by 2013.

The statistics reflect the trends the Western world, Flickr is mainly used in the. Chinese manufacturers, for example, are under-represented, because other photo communities are popular in Asia. And within the Western world, the number of users may vary: in the United States, for example, the photo database plays a greater role than in Europe as well as the Smartphones von Apple.