iPhone 6s Scores In Camera Test Worse Than Many Android Devices

The new Apple Smartphone iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus when compared to the previous models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus a significantly improved camera got. Although 12 with the record also 4K-Videos MP sensor, some Android smartphones dominate but apparently better photography.

The experts of the renowned DxOMark certify the iPhone 6 s a good camera, whose recording quality approaches as Phandroid reported but not on some Android competitors. In the overall ranking, the current Apple Smartphone is only the tenth – and even behind the iPhone 6 which ends up with the same score on the ninth place. The top positions remain androids like the Sony Xperia Z5, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and Google are reserved by nexus 6 p.

iPhone 6: Threesome Autofocus But Sometimes Noise

While not bad beats iPhone 6 s into the DxOMark itself: the testers liked particularly the generally good picture quality, very fast autofocus, a good white balance and the wealth of detail in the resulting images. However the experts in low light conditions could make out sometimes picture noise and unsightly artifacts. Also had some photos also a yellow tinge or unwanted color shade.

iPhone 6s Scores In Camera Test Worse Than Many Android Devices

Also in our camera test that could score iPhone 6s with good image quality. However, other Android smartphones fared compared better something. But even if the camera trumps the iPhone 6 s currently does not have any competitors, she created nonetheless really good shots – according to DxOMark and offers a feature that looking in vain for the Android with live photo. Performance is the iPhone 6s also continue to front and allows even fast Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy touch 5 behind.