Is it Necessary to Wear a Bra

Worn each day by most women, the famous BRA, supposed to help meet the chest, could soon be called into question. It is in any case that points to the study of the doctor Jean-Denis Rouillon, of the Hospital of Besançon. For 15 years, it has studied the evolution of the chest without wearing bra. The result is amazing: this ‘support’ would be maybe not one…

Everyone knows obviously the BRA, underwear that has existed since antiquity. Strips of tissue under the Roman Empire to the door brace of the

sixteenth century to the twentieth century, however, this is only from 1904 that the term bra appears truly in the dictionary. Supposed to support the chest as its name suggests, this device is worn on a daily basis ever since.

However, it seems that this belief is false: it is nevertheless what the doctor Rouillon study suggests. The latter was done using 330 women volunteers. Begun in 1997, the study to measure the evolution of the breasts of women with no bra.  Result: contrary to popular opinion, the undergarment would offer no benefit in terms of maintaining the chest, well instead.

A better support without a bra?

It seems that the absence of BRA causes benefits, says USVSUKENGLISH. Thus, as him reveals the study, women’s chest would be firmer and stretch marks don’t would appear not.  As well, the idea that this sub garment would help meet the chest to prove false: nipple would thus fall under 7 mm without the port of this device, according to the doctor.

In addition to a physical input, there is also a gain in comfort, as confirmed by the testimony of a young woman questioned by France blue Besançon. This last claim to have better breathing and less back pain. She stands also straighter when she is more. Indeed, wearing a bra, the suspensory apparatus located at the top of the bust does not work correctly. Consequence: we would rely too much on the BRA to raise our chest and would be less attentive to adapt better posture.

All this can be explained by our dependence on the BRA. At the onset of his chest, the woman eager to wear a bra, which would prevent the support tissues to expand and would cause a degradation of the breasts…

A little representative study

This preliminary study is the question of the interest of the BRA. The doctor adds that it is dangerous to advise to not wear a bra, her study is unrepresentative of women, as the structure of the breasts varies from one woman to another. For example “a person of 45 overweight and with three children has no interest to stop wearing a bra” says the doctor.

His study can nevertheless question the interest of this underwear. However, he has a real importance in the social dimension: its aesthetic appeal and the feminine symbolism emanating make essential clothing in the wardrobe of many women.