It Will be Easier to Report Messages and Control Blocks on Twitter

If you tried to report abusive tweets, you must have realized that Twitter does not offer much practical means for this purpose. But this scenario will change: Tuesday (2), the company announced some features that make combating abusive behavior on social network more efficient.

On Twitter, there are few cases of threat, racism or harassment, for example. In many of them, the malicious action of one individual ends up motivating others to express themselves also improperly, hence the importance of rapid removal of offensive messages or even ban their authors.

For these measures are implemented in a timely manner, Twitter tried to leave the complaint option a little more visible and simplified, especially in the mobile service apps.

Now there are fewer questions to be answered in relation to the complaint, for example. The idea is to allow users to report abusive messages more quickly and at the same time make the team responsible for analysis have more flexibility in the content of the review.

You also have more control over the blocked accounts. Now you can view a list that shows all profiles in this condition and perform actions associated there, how to unlock an account, but keep it “changes” (you will not see messages posted on it). Locked profiles will be unable to read the tweets that you post.

According to the statement of Twitter, this section and the complaints of tools will get more features in the coming months. The company did not reveal that, but one of them may be the block that allows a person only for a certain period of time.

For now, only a small group of users has access to these resources, but Twitter promises to make them available for all accounts over the next few weeks.