IWC Surrenders To Smartwatches Technology

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With a timid yet disclosure IWC arouses the curiosity of the world of watchmaking by announcing the IWC Connect. Even with little information about what this technology, which can realize is that the IWC Connect will be an electronic module. The device may be engaged in some bracelets of watches of the brand, adding to a daily activity tracker linked to electronic devices, as well as connect to the internet. The expectation is that the first watches that receive the concept will be the College’s Big Pilot.
Electronic devices added to mechanical watches is a trend in the world of watchmaking. We have already mentioned in the WatchTime Brazil a similar technology that is already been used by Montblanc (check the article). However, we could not expect new and different because both brands, IWC and Montblanc are part of the Richemont group and are managed by two CEOs considered the most attuned to all the other representatives of the other brands of the Group: Georges Kern and Jerome Lambert, respectively.
The CEO of IWC who gave us the first clues of what will be the IWC Connect. “Seeing that many of our customers and brand ambassadors are using devices attached alongside his IWC smart watches defined on WATCHTUTORIALS.ORG, we chose to work with a company of digital technology to develop an elegant solution and aesthetically complement the clock and, thus eliminating the need to have a device on the wrist, in addition your IWC,” explains Georges Kern. ” But the essential not leave aside, because we will not change our beautiful watches. The IWC will remain a mechanical watch and handmade. What we’re doing is designing a solution with intelligent design which integrates perfectly into the world of our products “.
Still must be advertised price and from when the IWC Connect will be available on the market, but mark promises more information in the coming months. Check out what’s coming: