Jawbone UP24 Smart Wristband

Jawbone was one of the first manufacturers that brought a pure Aktvity Tracker onthe market. The jawbone UP had to be manually connected via the jack plug with the Smartphone and synchronizes.
That has changed with the new model, because now you can connect easily to your Smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 the UP24. In this article, I will tell you about my firsttwo weeks with the jawbone UP24.

Activity tracker are fully in line with the Directoryaah.com. In the meantime, many manufacturers offer devices with very different features. The jawbone UP joins more at the end.It has no display but only two small lights icons that inform the carrier about the current user mode. A Sun for the day mode, the Moon for the night or sleep mode. With a small button can be made between the two modes back and forth.
The bracelet
The Up24 is more a bracelet as a bracelet. The surface is made of black plastic. The rubberized surface allows the UP24 not on the arm slide around. At one end, a2, 5 mm jack plug is installed to load the tape. In comes a cap when worn. On theother hand, the bracelet has a button. Through which you can control exactly fourfunctions:
1. status query (press 1 x)
2. switch day/night mode (1 x long press and hold)
3. Stopwatch start / stop (press 1 x and then the 2nd hold time long)
4. NAP (press 2 x and then once hold)
(Who wants to do a complete reset of the UP24 must the button 10 x after a motion sensor is fitted in the UP24.) He will be able to record the steps made on the one hand on the day. On the other hand, all movements can be analyzed, that onemakes in his sleep. By vibration, the UP24 reminds the user when he has too longnot moved. You can also use the vibrations to make morning wake up to. This canbe useful when you stand up at a different time than the partner. Earlier still, the alarm clock rang, the jawbone UP24 awakens the carrier with a silent alarm. If you pretend a time window to the bracelet on the app, it will awaken the user into a light sleep. About the movements that you make at night, the bracelet detects how deep you’re asleep. This is to allow easier to stand up and to start the day relaxed.
The jawbone comes smart band in a compact package. Through a window, you can directly see the tape that comes in three different sizes. L best fits for my arms. Included with a plug of mini jack to USB (for charging) and a short manual in English, are French and German, in addition to the band itself. You don’t need even more. The instructions should you to use briefly read through before. The operation isnot really hard, but also not self explanatory. The Sun icon pulsates slowly when charging. If the UP24 is fully loaded, it lights up permanently. The battery should hold exactly one week according to the manufacturer. I will test that.
press each other)
The NAP function will be an alarm clock on 27 to 43 minutes. Depending on how deeply you sleep it is awakened in this period with a vibrating alert. This is handy, because then you will not be torn in a deep sleep from the sleep.
The UP app
The jawbone UP app is available for iOS and Android. To keep in mind is that youmust have a compatible device. These are:
-iPhone 4 and new
-iPod touch 5 G or later
-iPad 3 G or later
-iPad mini
-Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3 or later
The previous version of UP with Jack sync is compatible with more devices.
The set up is very easy. By pressing the button on the bracelet, it links the band with the app. Did this happen, you can enter the body data. To measure the calories, you must specify the gender, height, age and weight. Then, it is run by the app through the first steps. The different functions are explained.
On the home page of the app, you can see an overview of the dormant hours andthe last steps. And in percent, it is as close to the self-imposed daily target. Sleepand 10,000 steps are given 8 hours every day. With one wipe left you can look atand so the goals, the life line, trends. With one wipe to the right you can see the status message from the band, when it was last synchronized, and how full the battery is still. Also the various modes can be set on the right side. Also the intelligent alarm clock and the “Faulheits notifications” are housed here.
A tip on the sleep time opens a diagram indicating exactly when I was how deeplyasleep when I woke up, and even when I‘m asleep. The steps exactly the same. How many steps when and for how long I walked and the longest time that I myself have not moved. With a wiping down, from the home screen, all activities in a timeline are listed.
The first test
The bracelet is flexible, settles not 100% to my arm still around. There is some space at the sides each. Thanks to the rubberized surface, it does not slip around. I think it‘s generally meant to wear the wrist strap with the opening downwards. Justwhen you are sitting at your desk I find comfortable, if the straight side bottom rests on the table and looks upward at the opening.
Day 1
Bracelet unpacked, connected to the USB port, loaded up and dressed. Connect to the Smartphone went amazingly fast and easy. I‘ve always turned off Bluetooth,am now curious if using the UP24 affects the battery life of my LG G2.
I find wearing the UP not particularly disturbing. It is unusual to wear a bracelet but at night. Last night I packed the band for the first time on my arm. Since I have also not removed it. Last night I slept 7 hours and 7 minutes according to the bracelet. Woke up 4 times. Today is not really worked with the smart wake-up. Perhaps, Ihave not felt just the vibration. Luckily I made as a precaution even a real alarm clock. This morning I made 500 steps up in the Office. Unfortunately, the bracelet has calculated each vibration cycling as a step. Now I walked more already 3000 steps. That goes so fast. At the desk, the bracelet has already 2 times reminds me tomove me. So I made a round through the Office.
The weekend
Four days I now have the UP24 by jawbone on the arm. Used properly it not I mestill. It seems good to realize that it is not a normal bracelet that I will constantly be addressed.
On the weekend I sleep well according to the UP and me more than enough moves. Even if I went cycling and thereby increased the steps, motion remains in motion. Not once I had to be reminded to move me. This could be also good weather.Hardly, I‘m back in the Office, I‘m admonished every half hour to stretch my leg.
When I ride bike and run Milokopi by the way, also the training is marked with a bicycle in the UP diagram. (Milokopi is my app of choice when it comes to GPS tracking of the sport.) With a tap on the bike icon appears an overview of me from thedistance and time. Too bad, I find that the UP is not automatically registered if I Fahrradfahre or run. The movements I make here are very different for my feeling.
Nice wake-up and connection problems
This morning, I was awakened first by the intelligent alarm clock in the UP. Set 7:15I have an alarm. The bracelet had me wake-up but also 30 minutes earlier, as long as I‘m in a light sleep stage. I was awakened at 6:56 by slight vibration on the wrist. If I was in a phase of light sleep I can not judge. If I don’t feel well-rested now also. But the alarm function is great. I will continue to use them, to give a conclusionat the end of the test, whether it is worthwhile to get up a few minutes earlier, justbecause the smart band thinks it‘s so right.
Yesterday afternoon I received a message about the UP app, I should but at least00:15:00 in the bed going. I first got to: ‘okay. I‘m this down.” An hour before I wasreminded what day goal I set me. This morning I had to then realize that I was probably but later in bed. From the I‘m just displaying the app: “12:15 am already is,and we have heard from you.“. Activity tracker with a bad conscience included.
This morning I had a few connection issues with the bracelet. The connection was restored after a restart of the Smartphone, my bedroom activity from last night butis away.
50,000 steps and what I ate
This morning I got the message: “50,000 steps done, you were a marathon walking.” In nearly a week. Can I be proud of me now? Probably not, because I moved me not very much more have than usual also. But, it is a good demonstration to gohow many steps you do, jog without daily.
Another feature of the app, which I now will go, is the nutrition survey. In the app,can I enter manually every meal and every drink that I have taken to me, and get an accurate analysis as many dietary fiber, sugar, fat contained therein in the bestcase. It‘s a bit cumbersome to enumerate every meal. Especially, if to cook any finished food, it gets complicated. Then, you must individually enter each ingredient and write down the nutritional values. That is definitely too much for the simple analysis along the way. This be easier with the bar code scanner that is integrated intothe app UP. Unfortunately he has stamped the club-mate here on my desk as tea sausage.
A week with the UP
A whole week, I‘ve now had the UP24 on the wrist. Really enjoyable I don’t think italways still. Especially, if you do sports, the silicone of the strap rubs strongly on the skin. At bedtime, it‘s hardly noticeable and doesn’t bother me. The vibration function is very good and also pleasant to them to wake up to. The food input is too costly. Too bad, I also find that it other activities than running don’t really track can.
After a week I have looked at now as a chart. Above the sleeping hours, down thesteps. Don’t worry: I‘ve slept even in the night from Monday to Tuesday. You mayfind no general increase in my movements through the week.
After just a week, I had to recharge now for the first time to the bracelet. That is, Ithink, an acceptable battery life for a smart band. Used I have the normal functions. The largest Akkufresser at the bracelet is probably the vibration motor. If you move so enough and the UP must remind the wearer to make a few steps, the battery will keep even longer.
On the weekend I got a new power: 50 hours of sleep. Also helpful tips are displayed with each message that you get from the UP. For example, here:
“You slept 50 hours with the UP! Concern for a consistent bedtime, if you are trying to reach the next milestone. Your body will thank you.”
The best sleep
Tonight I had the best sleep ever since I wear the bracelet. According to the UP24I had longer periods of deep sleep as a light sleeper. I was awakened by the bracelet. This works really well.
I noticed that when I am in a period of light sleep, the strap immediately awakensas soon as the possible period of time to the wake up is reached. It would be better if the bracelet detects how long I‘m already in a phase and wakes me up as lateas possible. Every minute counts sleep.
App update is it about food
The jawbone UP got an update to the app to the evaluation of the measured data.In version 3.2, a great emphasis is placed on the logging of the food.
During my two-week test of the bracelet is how cumbersome it is individually givethe food to make evaluating the app, how healthy I am feeding me noticed. That should change with the update.
In addition to the movement, the diet of one of the most important aspects is when it comes to health. It makes sense of course, to deal with and healthier to eat. Want to help the Smart Strip. With the update, food should be recognised much easier. Jawbone looks partners announce details about the ingredients, so the app automatically arranges the food and analyzed at more and more companies, fast-food chains and other grocery stores.
Jawbone will even go so far and work with restaurants, and enable a direct evaluation of food when ordering the food. If the companies agree?
Jawbone UP24 conclusion
Two weeks now I had the bracelet and can draw a conclusion from my experiences.
The comfort has not really increased after two weeks. The UP24 is simply too rigidand not very pleasant wraps around the wrist. By the weight, one hardly notices it.If you sweat the Smart Strip is somewhat uncomfortable, because it rubs by the moisture in the skin. At night hardly bothers the band. To take a shower I lost always‘s, because manual is available on the is water resistant, but not waterproof.
The functions of the UP24 work all well and do exactly what they’re supposed to. The functionality is very limited. If I should buy me still a smart band, I would get one with a small display and clock function. I had to wear my wrist watch during thewhole test in addition to the UP. I must know how late it is.
The pedometer works well, just like the Schlaftracker. To the accuracy of the information, I can make no statement. They are effective but very plausible. He shouldbe in a sleep laboratory to correctly measure the bedroom activities. The evaluation of the data collected works well in the app. Daily tips on how to improve the activity and health are nice. The alarm very convinced me. I find very pleasant awakening with slight vibration on the wrist. The memories to move are also useful. Another question is whether one believes it. You can have a so great bracelet, if you‘renot motivated is not when the bracelet is know, the whole thing brings little. The app I would hope an option to stop the Trackens, order evaluation activities such as driving a car or bike rather than running. The mood and food input are interesting features that are too cumbersome in everyday life, to keep them constantly up-to-date.
If my life has improved the past two weeks, I doubt even at this point. With such abracelet you delegated the monitoring of the health of a gadget. Is man not able to notice if he has not move for several hours and feel tired? I think so.
So an activity tracker makes, especially at the beginning, fun. A so limited feature set as when the UP24 will quickly dull. By my next smart band I hope a small display, as well as a feature that reminds me of alerts on my phone due to vibrations. Asimple activity searches who with a simple design and a not so great feature for tracer can be happy with the UP24.
[UPDATE 09.09.2014] Extended battery life and HealthKit integration
With the latest update for the UP24 of jawbone, the battery life will be doubled. According to app, the version 3.0.21 allows a period of 14 days. Previously, a battery life of 7 days was given. To install the update, the jawbone Updater must be downloaded once on Mac OSX or Windows.
Jawbone HealthKit from Apple and Android wear Google wants to cooperate withthe interfaces to provide a better user experience. So you can look at the information gathered from the strap in the future not only in the own app, but also in the health centre of Apple called health.
There is also now an app for Windows phone.
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