Jeans Trend Spring Summer 2015

The jeans are evergreen but what are the trends for spring/summer 2015? There are those baggy and those tight, those high, medium or low-waisted, with ordinary horse or lowered, those who draw the curves and those who do not delineate any silhouette. I mean, there are so many that it’s really hard to choose which ones are most suitable jeans. In this article we reveal new fashion trends spring/summer 2015 and we explain what we are doing well and which, unfortunately, no.

Boyfriend jeans

The boyfriend jeans we all saw that in recent seasons have literally dominated the fashion scene. Anyway, for those who still do not know, they have the long rise and the average lifespan. Are straight, so much wider, which is why the ankle usually fall for wearing cuffed. Since we don’t extend much lower for girls are not recommended.

Girlfriend jeans

Have you ever heard of the girlfriend jeans? Don’t think about anything too special or strange, are only the latest slim but never fitted, the model boyfriend. They are actually cigarette trousers made of denim, as internetsailors says. Have a vintage anni ‘ 90 for this, compared to more modern models, are not participating, so do not stretch or stress for nothing.

Mom jeans

First: what are the mom jeans? Are those that normally wear ‘ mom ‘, those of our moms — those sets between the years ‘ 80 to ‘ 90. Have the high waist and straight legs are up to squeezing a bit more ankle-length, without however be adherents. I’m a little firm and not at all at least stretch in the original version. To those who are doing well? To those who have tiny waists and rounded hips but not too much, because they emphasize very. The B side is a bit flattened, but do not worry, it does so at all, even the models!

Flared jeans

With the return of fashion’s 70 years in this hot spring/summer 2015, sprouting flared jeans. These, unlike previous models, are very adherent to the knee or just below and open like a Bell on the bottom. Stick well, then point out the shapes, and greatly enhance the silhouette with the opening on the Board.

Skinny Jeans

Continue to be loved and appreciated by the girls, who also loves jeggings, increasingly tight. In fact, right now, you cannot stand without skinny jeans, but their dominion, for seasons and seasons, unchallenged, has already given way to all the jeans mentioned above.