Jeans are one of the essential items in our closet, so versatile and timeless that can be used and combined in many ways.It is a garment that in the past was used only for work and was highly informal and not used as a casual garment.

Jeans can be worn as many times as we want, and there are various shapes and colors as described in clothing matching.There is a very light denim that is ideal for traveling because it is not very rigid, but the thick fabric use when you have some commitment in the field or some outdoor activity, also in cold places with thick sweaters or wool are excellent.

Avoid wearing jeans at weddings, baptisms, or any other type of event of this type since they are occasions where the label is more formal, and although they are very practical and comfortable, they are still an informal garment.Avoid that you are very hip because you can see the underwear and that is very annoying and not pleasant for anyone who sees it.

Always of the always, look for your size, neither bigger nor smaller.Remember, you should be comfortable, if you put your jeans in your pockets is ideal for you, just like the waist do not tighten.The length that is appropriate if you do not send them to cut and several stores offer you that service, just try not to wash them frequently since you will mistreat them, and if you can preferably send them to the dry cleaner (if that same face made me guys) but give you more Life to your jeans and if they are your favorites that better.

There are 3 types of jeans that for my taste are universal, straight, skinny and flared or half-bellied.If you have very wide hips I recommend the bells or half bell and the straight ones, and if your hip is not so pronounced and you are thinner or skinny the skinny and straight are the ideal ones for you.There is only one exception for those who have a wide hip, if you like skinny ones you can wear them with long blouses that cover your buttocks and you will avoid being wide.

The classics in blue with sacks look great and more if you wear them with white shirt, big accessories and some heels or flats, great to go to the movies or a dinner with friends.Blacks combine them with contrasting clothes, ideal for a meal.The broken ones, which are now very fashionable, combine them with an elegant blouse to give a contrast to your garment, you will look great.And finally, there is some more clear denim, that is excellent now in this season that already almost weeds the heels, spring.

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