Jewelry Etiquette: The 6 Rules To Follow

After reading my tips on choosing jewelry for the bride, I’m guessing you’re impressed by how important it is to appeal to the discretion, to harmony and simplicity to be chic.

Now let’s take it a step further and understand what are the rules to follow to choose the right jewel to wear. We discover together on jewelry etiquette.

Jewelry etiquette between tradition and modernity

I notice that one of the most common mistakes in choosing the jewelry is toexaggerate: the effect Madonna of miracles is not glam, I hope you agree!

Jewelry etiquette was very rigid. Think that diamonds could never be worn during the day and never before 40 years, as well as the pearls were absolutely out casual attire.

According to, the modern jewelry etiquette is much more flexible. Diamonds and pearls for example have been cleared (thank goodness!) from mere occasions and you can mix styles and templates, provided with good taste.

But it remains a fundamental point: it takes size and never ostentation in choosing the jewelry. And even if elegance is not an innate gift (alas), you can still cultivate (thankfully).

These are a few very simple rules that together constitute the etiquette of jewelry, see them together.

1. How many choose to wear jewelry

The Golden jewelry etiquette premise is: precious few and quality. Better to remove a gem rather than add it, I tell you plainly.

So I recommend: do not wear many jewels at once, because it is clear (although not all, apparently!). Tip over the safe wearing is not synonymous with wealth (let alone!), but rather posthumous enrichment and even rude.

Similarly it is not chic wear all rings you have in one fell swoop, filling maybe fingers of both hands. He’s not well, not cool.

Do you want to make sure I get it right? Then opt for a studied simplicity, dispensing with wisdom and good sense the jewels, reconciling them with the look, her face shape and silhouette.

2. The jewelry for day and evening

Assuming that you don’t have to wear if you want to be chic too flashy jewelry never,you don’t even have to be out of time with your look precious.

The etiquette of the day you plan to wear jewelry chains Gold, necklaces of pearls, rings with medium-value stones (aquamarine, jade, lapis, turquoise, coral, loose, etc.), and are suitable for evening jewelry with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Similarly for special occasions serve important jewelry. It is clear once again that the most important are, the less they must wear many!

3. wear the Diamond Solitaire and the chevalière

Jewelry etiquette provides that if the brilliant Solitaire is the engagement ring don’t worry because you can wear from morning to night with no problem. Idem in the case that they gave her a Diamond Eternity of diamonds.

The chevalière is the golden ring to seal that some bring on the little finger of his left hand, although jewelry etiquette requires that you bring to the right hand. It was once a symbol of nobility and had engraved the coat of arms of the House of belonging, but also buy second-hand today with the coat of arms, that is of no value and also by silver.

4. How to match the jewelry to look

According to the etiquette of the jewelry precious look should be chosen according to the situation and the outfit.

If you plan to wear a fancy dress full of color (maybe even on) I would say that it is not appropriate to choose a garish necklace, rather would fine a jewel with simple.

If you have a very sober look (I think of the little black dress) you can instead aim at a particular gem, perhaps with colored stones also.

If you’ve taken a whimsical gem, do- it’s the only because he wears one at a time.Absolutely banned match a necklace with a pendant big (cervical block style!) with a gaudy ring and maybe full of drooping. It would be better to opt for a healthy common sense and good taste with precious accessories sober compared to one piece.

One final recommendation for your clothes: you always pay attention to the fabric of your clothes when you’re wearing the jewelry. If it is thick wool (sweaters, jackets, skirts) beaded jewelry (or just the hooks) can easily catch and pull the wires, as well as with very light fabrics.

5. The jewelry allowed for men

Yes, jewelry etiquette also applies to jewelry for the men who should wear only thefaith and the clock .

Obviously they are granted even the twins in appropriate occasions for not risking being ridiculous and uncalled for!

As for necklaces and bracelets, are allowed as long as little garish.

Absolutely out earrings and rings, except for those with the family crest.

6. To avoid second jewelry etiquette

According to the etiquette of the jewellery there are occasions when the jewelry should be avoided.

If you’re curvy, don’t wear too much jewelry because the final effect could be a silhouette burdened.

Basically banned the jewels at funerals, as a matter of respect and because it’s not the time to flaunt.

Never wear pearls and diamonds on the beach or when you practice sport: sweat and sand, sea water or chlorine are not suitable and may damage your jewelry.

It seems that we should not give the pins because they sting and by analogy there is a superstition that bring pain, but this rule only applies to the superstitious!