Jewelry For The Bride: The 5 Golden Rules

The jewelry is a topic I care about a lot already, imagine when it comes to jewelry for the bride. If then this year marriage is my historical childhood friend and I’ll even witness, understand that you have to keep calm and clarify a few things for the good of all, especially of the bride!

Involved in the flurry of preparations, I realized that the jewelry for the bride are likely to overshadow after dress, shoes, makeup, makeup, reception, flowers, favors, selection of confetti and honeymoon. Inadmissible, you know. The elegance of a woman, and a fortiori of a bride, inevitably passes for the jewelry you choose to wear on her wedding day. You don’t want to look like one of those brides embarrassing to say the least with their rosaries and cascades of rhinestones?! In fact.

My friend Doug knows he can count on me, but for you I decided to draw up a complete guide on how to choose jewelry for the bride, with 5 golden rules to be perfect on your wedding day.

First rule: jewelry for the bride from real

A bride who wears rhinestone-studded, false, maybe even knick is fine for an evening at the Cirque but certainly not for a stylish wedding. I’d opt for jewelry in Gold.

Second rule: simple and delicate jewelry

A bride who thinks wearing big earrings or necklaces showy must remember that Tutankhamun is perfect for the Egyptian Museum but not the photo album (when it’s done!).

Third rule: faith must be the one ring

Even though I never separate from your engagement ring , not fancy (not to say should) that a bride wears it on her wedding day, so take the opportunity to bring back your brilliant to its former glory for when I wear it again (the next day, quiet!).

On the day of your big Yes is admitted to your hand only faith !

Fourth rule: the perfect choices for the bride

It is absolutely without foundation the old belief that pearls are not worn on the wedding day (nor does it offer) because they symbolize the tears: first of all the pearls they are very refined and absolutely appropriate for this occasion. Second, to me the tears would be if I hadn’t pearls!

As an alternative to diamonds or pearls you can choose a jewel with the aquamarine or the morganite : light blue tones and pale pink are very chic for the wedding day.

Or you can opt for a gem with Angel skin coral even here the pale pink shade combined with diamonds is really very elegant.

Definitely avoid the gemstones from rich colors, spiccherebbero too much respect to your Tan suit and would from illuminations. Totally out at

Fifth rule: the jewelry, dress and hairstyle

To be clear: If you have short hair or bring them collected you can pick a couple ofearrings are very simple and delicate because however you will notice.

If, instead, you’ll loose hair or thick hair, you can opt for an earring so that it is visible, but always with a certain extent!

In the case that your dress is not low-cut or is very spread out like fabric or manufacturing, the earrings will be the only jewel on which point. At most you can add a bracelet thin (maybe diamond or Pearl) if the dress leaves you discovered arms, but make sure he doesn’t become trapped in the suit.

However, if you’re wearing a backless dress with a very clean and simple that you can swap a small jewel neck. It is a string of pearls, a lamp, a diamond necklace or pendant, the goal is always to avoid the effect our Lady of Lourdes.

At this point you are ready for your big day and, just between us, even if your jewelrythere will be super valuable will be a moment of joy. Despite what he says EnricoBrignano on marriage .