Jewelry Sets

The jewelry were little by little conquering your trendy space and falling in taste of consumers more demanding and sophisticated, too, because, today, a beautiful fine jewelry can now be used in more formal occasions, replacing up to any jewelry model. Made of various materials, the more natural the unusual, the trinkets have become versatile and like all kinds of public.

In 2012, the jewelry must have, that promise to trim more women tuned, arrive in the form of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings, which bring sizes maxi, dramatic design and lush. In evidence, close to the neck and long necklaces with several laps, bringing metallic details, in large accounts and pedrarias designs unusual. In color, the tones of red, green, pink, purple, blue, black and orange

For those who like bright jewelry, can, in 2012, if you play them, you will be super high. They get rhinestone mounted, from the traditional to the color.

The boho style, hippie chic also arrives strong jewelry collections for the next few seasons, emphasizing Golden and silver models aged, with fringes, and using organic embellishments, like feathers, flowers and natural leaves, fabric and leather.

The intense mix of materials at the same mark the 2012 jewelry accessory; betting in parts with different combinations joining metallized materials other more practical, as acrylic and plastic, and handcrafted style, following the example of straw and natural fibers. The formats of the bijoux also surprised by the diversity: flowers, bows, hearts, animals, like birds, owls, and not always cuddly, lizards, ants, frogs, spiders etc.