Just Get 10, Combining Colorful Numbers with The Successor of The Legendary 2048

Just Get 10 is a game created by Weevo Studio, the same study which responsible for the 1024 Gabriele Cirulli is based on which to create his mythical 2048. With this title, Weevo us again to challenge mechanisms that occasionally can remind us of its former success, but which at the same time introduce new elements that have succeeded in creating a new and addictive game.

The mechanics of Just Get 10 returns to group tabs with the same number and color it doing that the number grows up to 10. In this case, to do so we won’t have to limit to match tiles in pairs, but that we group all of the same number that you are playing at the same time.

To group the different tiles of the same color or number will have that put two touches on them, to select them and choose the place where will be placed the resulting tab. Each of these resulting tabs can only be placed in one of the boxes that are occupied by the chips that go into group.

The apparent simplicity of the mechanics of the game can lead to make the mistake of thinking that you it’s an easy game that won’t be at the height of the mythical 2048, but as we go forward and surpassing the number 6 or 7 in our files We realize its devilish difficulty, which will test our brain and our patience.

The game is free, although at the end of each game it will be showing us some ads which we can eliminate with a one-time payment of €0.72, the only one that we have to do to fully enjoy a game that increasingly is becoming more popular on social networks.

Just Get 10version 1.36

  • Version of Android: 3.0 and above
  • Developer: Clean Master Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: It offers shopping built into the application
  • Category: Casual