KEY POINT For Trout Fishing In Dams

There are many variants for the fishing of the trout in each of the corners of our planet; We can get to catch them with rapalas, artificial worms, captives, shrimp, earthworms, finally countless fishing techniques.

Now, personally for many years I do a trick that has given me EXTRAORDINARY results when it comes to making good catches of trout as described in fresh water catching. Do you want to know what I mean? I’ll explain it to you…

First of all, it is important to remind yourself of key points that you should keep in mind when fishing for trout: the first, it must be in the winter season, ie the months of December, January and February in the northern hemisphere of our planet are very effective for Trout fishing. You should also focus on how you are going to make the sets to locate them, I recommend you be from the center to the shore, near the fences or rocks that protrude into the dams’ sluice gates. And finally your fishing rod very light, flexible and with fine thread, about 10lb would be perfect.

After these important initial clarifications, we will delve into the specific topic that I want to reach today. Believe me that I am going to explain to you, it has given me some TREMENDO results when it comes to capturing good trout;Here the trick is that I made the earthworms I’m going to use to search for these predators.

Yes, so it is, even if it surprises you …. How do I do them? … pay attention so that you also use this technique:

– First you need to make a mold for the artificial worm, it can be the same of plaster, wood, or mud, but here the important thing is, that this mold that must be composed of 2 caps, in the middle of them must be Drawn and carved the silhouette of the artificial worm with the average size that we can observe it in any specialized fishing shop. If you can not make the mold yourself, then do not worry, in the fishing shops you can find one or another, or if you do not ask in the fishing communities of trout in your area, some of them must make their own artificial and ask To show you the base of the mold as such.

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– Once you have the mold, with which material you are going to make the artificial worm ?, simple … pay attention …, you are going to get the serum sleeves that they use in the hospitals, this is undone in each of the hospital centers of All regions of the world.

– Also get some kind of watercolor so you can give it the color that you like your artificial according to the coloration of the dam where you go fishing, I use a lot of yellow and red, I give excellent results.

– And the KEY point is that you have to get some BRILLITOS, either the one used by women for nails or the one that brings some barbies dolls (I asked my little sister), these shines are KEY to being able to call Attention of the trout, in this way you will be able to obtain very good catches.

– After you have all these ingredients (to call them somehow), you are going to put the fire in an aluminum container, to melt the mangueritas of serum, you are going to add the color and the shine, you are going to go stirring slowly until Notes that it melted everything, then you must place this melted mixture in the mold of which we spoke previously, close the 2 lids and let cool for a while, when you open it, you will have a beautiful artificial earthworm, bright colors, with an EXTREME SOFTNESS Factor is KEY so that the trout bites the artificial one in a confident way), and above all the BRILLS embedded inside the earthworm as such, that will be ready to be thrown to the water in search of a voracious trout.

Well, I told you in a synthetic way the trick I use to capture trout with much greater ease and productivity. Follow the steps I gave you AS IS and you will see that the results will be remarkable. Practice the worm preparation several times until you are perfecting the technique and you will be getting better and better. I hope you begin as soon as possible to use this method; I would like to leave your comments and doubts about the article, I am here to clarify them.