Kidrobot of for Swatch: This Collection Is an Eye-Catcher

The eight new models of kid robot for Swatch collection present themselves on a large swatch as a stage.Colorful, stylish, fast and playful, as in an animated film are eight small worlds.Whether under the Apple tree, in the snow or in a bright town with bouncing balls-in these fantasy worlds is the Swatch collection at home.The pace, the short stories to each clock make worthwhile the spot. At the end of all eight models acclaim on stage present themselves.

A video that you would like to see the same again. These watches are fun when watching correctly. To any of the children’s watches at Insidewatch is a Dunny, a rabbit figure of Kidrobot vinyl. These figures are designed for Kidrobot by various artists. And also the new Kidrobot of for Swatch collection was created by creative American, Spanish, French, or Russian. Also a suitable Dunny had to arise in addition to the design of the watch. The Dunny is 7.6 cm and contained in the special box at time of purchase. Many different ideas and inspirations behind the creations. So the very watch of collection – swatch-love song, Kidrobot – is based on a French love song of the 80s. A child Watch emerged from it with graffiti-style and many ideas. Other names include the Swatch-TIC TIC boom, Swatch-the eyes are watching or swatch-midnight Magi.

The entire collection is full of energy, color and futuristic design. The swatch is water resistant to 30 meters, has a gang-accurate quartz movement and a plastic housing. On the page of the manufacturer, the collection with 50 euro per piece is excellent. In addition to classic girl and boy colors, there are also some models that are of interest to both sexes. And the appropriate toy is identical with the Dunny supplied. Here it is called access, such a cool, offbeat children watch has not been there before.