“Lace Up Heels: Sandals Bollard

The sandals are usually the most-used shoes during the summer, but now that we enter the fall and temperatures tend to decrease a little, it’s worth betting on more closed, to protect the foot. The “lace up heels, which are the famous sandals with moorings on the feet, are super high can be good options. Check out how to use them correctly:

This kind of shoes called sandals already has made success in the looks of the girls more tuned in trends, the it girls. The model looks great both in productions of everyday life, as well as basic short jeans and t-shirt, even more packed, like poodle skirts and leather dress straight.

To match the Sandals of moorings with the looks without making a mistake, before anything, you need to be attentive to your body. If you have thin legs and long, can use comfortable models in black or other dark colors, even with moorings, up until the middle of the Shin. Now, who is not too high or legs are more grossinhas, should prefer models in skin tone and with simple tying.

Models Of Sandals Passed

Girls who like a more modern production can use this kind of sandal with a short shorts of jeans, t-shirt and a Plaid Shirt tied at the waist. The look is fashion and cool. But those who prefer more traditional combinations, can use the “lace up heels with jeans or waxed and shirts. Looks great, even for a night out, as an informal dinner.