Latest Gold Choker Necklace Designs

This post is for girls who always go with any accessory in the neck, only that we will not speak of any accessory, let’s talk of gold chokers. I will speak a little of the most used models and trends.

The gold chokers are usually not very large, however, are thinly little chains and pendant also often discreet. The reason is simple: gold is expensive. Also, it’s not very safe to be walking around gold.

If you do not want a choker to walk around or for special moments, you can buy a slightly larger, more gross and pendants a little more elaborate like a butterfly shape, skull, lace, little owl, star, heart, so on.


If you are one of those who likes the third fashion, buy a gold choker thin with pendant cross shape, but remember that to look like the tercinho she has to come with another closer little piece of the neck holding the pendant.

For those who like unique pieces, order a gold choker is a great option, you can order a wholesale pendant with your name or the name of someone special. It’s a really nice tribute.

Girls who are not very arrivals commitment to alliances can use the boy’s name in choker or just the first letter of his name. Other options are to use a lock pendant of algeminhas with hearts or the infinity symbol with the name you recorded two.

Some pendants are a little larger than usual, some of them are as if they were hanging from an extension of choker, others are great even. But if what you want is not the big pendant, but the necklace itself, can enter the fashion of collar, also known as chokers.

They are thick and are together the neck, as if continuing the same blouse, and some girls to wear the collar, a kind of bow tie with blouses where this is possible.

The gold chokers to the thickness of a finger, more or less, are also widely used, in which case they usually do not take pendant, they are as if they were strings. They are very beautiful and they call a lot of attention.

There are cheaper options to gold chokers, are clad in gold or plated. They are beautiful and many even do not appear to be gold. You can even include a small stone to give a charm more.

The white gold is also beautiful in chokers, it is made with silver, but anyone who knows just a little bit of jewelry will realize that is not silver because it has a very different brightness.


Complement your gold necklace with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, pearl, emerald, tourmaline, ruby or any other that you think suits your eye or the event in which you want to use your gold choker.