Laure de Sagazan Wedding Dresses

On the occasion of the presentation of its collection 2017, Laure de Sagazan answered our questions. Meeting with who each year, apply to reinvent the wedding dress with finesse and creativity.

What were your inspirations for this collection?

We wanted something a little more exotic with a real reference to Cuba, where this hacienda setting in which it presented the collection. 

The idea c’ was really to renew itself by offering new alternatives to our wedding dresses you wear with a Creole, PomPoms, new details in short.

How would you describe your universe?

Undeniably, our retro universe to one side, because I really like the 1920 leg, old clothes, while keeping a modern twist. Really every year to offer a new vision of this inspiration applies.

It’s this era that led you to create wedding dresses?

Yes, I loved to dig in my grandmother’s old linens, open chests, and discover new lace, make chips and markets. This old work, made by craftsmen, has an emotional charge that always touched me. So I wanted so redo dresses like these, in the hope that they will pass also from mother to daughter.

What is your favorite wedding dress?

I love low-cut dresses, in the retro style of the years 20 Also proposed more modern with a halter, the necklines brides dresses, lace associations who were less at STUNNERDRESSES.COM. 

I like finally, it’s that the dress could touch all the bride that the mother and grandmother.

You are one of the few designers to offer a bride in pants, it’s important to you?

Yes because marriage has changed a lot: we’re not getting married like 20 years ago, as we let more parents arrange his marriage. 

Today, there are couples who organise their own marriage with women who sometimes feel disguised in wedding dress. And the combination is a very good alternative to that.

Side accessories, what would you recommend to enhance a wedding dress?

Now, I love the turbans. Well, it gives a very modern bride. It’s beautiful.

What style advice would you give to a bride?

Not be disguised and not make it too far here. There is nothing more lovely than to find the bride as you know everyday, with his same QuickDraw, sublimated obviously.