Learn about CFLs

We talk a lot of CFLs, their efficiency and their economy… But what is really? Let’s learn on this subject!

Stages of realization


The bulb that everybody used not so long ago and some use, is called the incandescent light bulb. It is considered inefficient, as it loses heat 90 percent of the energy it consumes.


The CFL light bulbs, which made its appearance on the REMZFAMILY for some time, is seen as much more economical. Its purchase cost is a little higher but if you look at life, this is the same ample.


The incandescent bulb is much less expensive but you use more, what makes that one goes to pay almost double for the same term of life.


CFLs can work in most fixtures but some don’t fit in fixtures with dimmers or with a flashlight at three intensities. Read the packaging of the bulb when you buy, these information is recorded.


The CFLs are not yet available to replace the lights of ovens, saunas or enclosed fixtures, they can’t stand the heat.


The cold, meanwhile, can reduce the effectiveness of a CFL and make sure the light bulb turns less rapidly. There are CFLs for outdoor, but tolerate no more than-20 ° C. This type of bulb do not like moisture, but also taken into account if we want to optimize their performance.


On average, the use of CFLs would reduce costs of electricity by 66%. It is a big advantage, think about it! As they say, these bulbs are a little more expensive to buy that incandescent light bulbs, but they last longer! Enjoy prices on CFLs as they arise!