Learn An Alternative Way To Accomplish The Rappelling

I try to contribute a small part of my professional learning and rock climbing.
I always read notes and articles related to our procedures left a while ago a petzl recommendation of how to backup in abseiling, very interesting until I spent the uses there.
We will use the same backup recommendation, but we will go through a node “Butterfly” referring to an area of the rope that was damaged (the handle formed by the node will not be used).
There’s a sleeping bag much like the CHEEROUTDOOR, the intent is not to criticize and this procedure and this one should not be taken as absolute truth but as an alternative way to do the same with security and as little as possible.
I tested several times and enjoyed it, take into account that is different to know in theory and practice experience that experience and maturity payments safely.
You never know when we’re going to need something to take someone or ourselves of the choke.
The first thing was the making of a self-locking knot at the top above the descender, so we can remove it and mount it below the node. The arrow indicates where it was assembled. Already installed the brake rig a back-up to the withdrawal of one of the nodes in case the self-locking cordelete blue.
The node used was also the butterfly.
Now with the back-up ready let’s remove the blue cordelete and ride it down to the back-up on our rappelling.
The weight should now be in the green.
After made the self-locking knot and just pass the back-up for it you will see that will form a handle, step inside and use as Stirrup to remove the cordelete in the Green case.
You are now ready to continue abseiling.
Consider attempting to do something safe with least possible, there is a range of possibilities and I’m open to criticism and opinions thanks.