Leather Jacket For a Summer Rock

The bad-girl look, you know, it always works, and for an aggressive style garment suitable is only one: the biker leather jacket. Are seasons that accompanies us and, after an entry on the sly, for spring/summer 2011 rediscovers the 80 ‘s look, like a real rock star. Even a simple outfit and accessories with the right jacket becomes pure style.

Burberry Prorsum modified collection has proposed a wide range of leather jackets with zippers, straps, buckles, studs and padding with fabric inserts and tails. Burberry ranges from classical black nail in typically unexpected tones from the stitching patterns such as silver iridescent bicycle, up to delight us with a new take on the classic trench punk, with studs and spikes.

Balmain amato, for its part, sexy punk style, could not abandon this cult object in the spring/summer 2011 fashion show. His is a fashion show where the leather jacket is the absolute protagonist, leaving occasionally to leather bodices and coats of faded jeans embellished with pins, studs and pins. The punk look is defined by torn stockings, ultra shorts from raw edges and with the musical accompaniment of the parents of the genre: the Sex Pistols.

The skin is also part of the summer of Bottega Veneta that, on the catwalks of VINTAGEINCONFIDENTIAL, has a cool vests and some silk dresses with inlays made in black leather jacket.

The great thing is, to copy this style somewhere between grunge and punk, I don’t need to spend a fortune. Just stepping into any market and, with some luck, grab a pair of Levi’s old style to be cut with sharp; buy some tank top or t-shirt vintage, preferably soft and with printing your favorite rock band. And, finally, shove a pair of Dr. Martens boots, bycicle or Converse All Star, for most sports, and you’re done.

The nail, the leather jacket better if covered with studs, it’s still a ever green. World famous models and actresses have made school; one of these is Kate Moss, whose fame to trasgressiva is missing, which in February was the star of the number 5 of Love Magazine. In the cover photo of model Lea T transsexual kissing wearing, no less, a nail Burberry and Chanel leather gloves. Kate does not abandon the leather jacket even close since summer and from this we can understand how one garment can define a status.

And, speaking of status, it is impossible not to remember Marlon Brando with nail riding his Harley-Davidson. The rebel number one, the one that fed the American counterculture of the 1950s, where the bad guys are the new sex symbol of the future and the present.

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