Led and Oled: Hamburg’s Musical Theatre Plays with Future’s Light

The newly built Theatre on the Elbe River has opened its doors just and “Das Wunder von Bern” on the musical stage. The world premiere of the real football fairy tale is with State of the art lighting technology from Philips in scene brought-and the remarkably innovative.

Not only because of the obvious highlight of programmable OLED pyramids in the theater lobby.There has the Dutch artist Hugo Timmerman from a total of 500 of the latest Philips FL300 OLED modules a light artwork has created, which is Wall-filling and varies with dynamic light gradients.

Moreover, in addition to the existing Theater in the port of Hamburg built immediately In the entire musical theater, where since 2001 successfully, “The Lion King” is played, is used light technology of the future.

Earlier, the auditoriums in theaters were usually equipped with halogen lights. Only this technique could provide light in the desired brightness that was dimming between zero and one hundred percent performance continuously and immediately was available without a warm-up phase.

Less energy consumption has LED technology and that sufficiently mature that she can-replace Halogen lighting without sacrificing quality is around 80 percent.

Forward-looking is also the technology powered the lights in the auditorium with power: the networked and innovative lighting concept “power over Ethernet” takes over the Ethernet cable to control the lights the power supply at the same time, what eliminates an additional separate cable for operation and installation costs are reduced.

The lighting of the stage and the auditorium are summarized in a joint control, which allows to program every single spot and each light fixture and to regulate.

In the EingangsbereichEinen the Philips and Desso developed “luminous” carpets are laid – carpets, which can be lit by underlying LEDs and can be used for decorative effects or as an information carrier like a video wall.

And since even the redesigned exterior with the ferry between the two buildings was newly illuminated, the two buildings now provide a harmonious ensemble.

Also in the Interior they are approaching visually soon further each other: convinced of the lighting in the theatre on the Elbe, operator of Stage Entertainment Group Philips has commissioned, also the neighbouring Theatre in the port of Hamburg, so the “the Lion King”-Stadium, to transform in a similar way.

There, LEDs in wire rope pendant luminaires are to be used, which is also about “power over Ethernet” powered and controlled.