LED Lighting Outdoors

Kris from Deurne show that you also with LED lighting outdoors. He relieved his old and new sail boat with led spots and strips of LEDsky.

“On a sailing jachtje you have no permanent power supply and usually no room to store large batteries. In addition, I wanted to charge a battery that is with a small solar panel. Thanks to the low consumption led lighting is therefore an obvious option. The leds LEDsky’s I have used for the interior lighting. “

“My first boat was a Leisure 17, the Selia. A vintage car with lights sounds bizarre, but any way to Save stream is a good move. I was looking for indirect lighting and I came soon contact the led strips LEDsky’s. After an email I received a response very quickly with the whole explanation, including order form. No messing about with searching for the right koppelingetjes, stabilizer and light color. I thought that was a great service! ”

“A few days later I came up with the idea to replace the rest of the existing interior lighting by led. I could get my order the same day, only a few hours for Christmas Eve. I got a nice note on top. ”

“When I saw the led strips on the LEDsky website, I immediately had an idea of the atmosphere that they could create. After everything was connected and I lit the cabin lighting, was the effect much better than I dared to hope. A successful idea so. ”

The Leisure 17 was what to small and recently chose Kris for greater Friendship 22. “The previous owner had of the electrical wiring a spaghetti made by different color codes by each other to use. I have everything laid out and there a stabilizer between posted, on the advice of LEDsky. The stabilizer ensures that the peak voltage of batteries is neutralized to a stable 12V. The warm white MR11-led spots (12 SMD) give lots of light. ”

“This weekend it was again time to doing odd jobs and in order, inter alia, the waterproof led strips . While there is a quiet autumn storm, I worked with a flashlight in hand to the sleeping compartment and the led strips. I have everything still finishing, for the end result you need so my blog. ”

Kris is one of the customers of the first hour. “I was looking for a ledleverancier, close to my home and also Belgian. Our economy would be fine doing a bit of chauvinism, I thought to myself. One of the strengths of LEDsky is the fast delivery. I support with great pleasure a Belgian company that generates employment. I would recommend them to friends and family, and of course through my blogs. ”

You can contact Kris for specific ledvragen by emailing krab@telenet.be or by myfriendship22.blogspot.be to visit his blog and respond to one of his posts.