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“Say” Jef “is a tribute to the legendary sporting Director Jef Braeckevelt. The authors Luc Lamon and Hugo Coorevits have shown their skills in sports coverage of cycling.HT’s book is a long flashback in achteruitkijkspiregel of a 45-year career in the peloton, crammed with profit and loss, joy and sorrow. The foreword is by former Tour Director Jean-Marie Leblanc, who has 40 years of Jef as a friend.


It was announced earlier this year: there will be a tribute book for the legendary sporting Director Jef Braeckevelt. It is the work of Luc Lamon and Hugo Coorevits. Both have that newspaper reporters their skills in the sport of cycling. ?? Say Jef?? A long look in the rearview mirror at a career in the peloton packed with profit and loss, joy and sorrow. The book contains a foreword by former Tour Manager and friend for life Jean-Marie Leblanc. Waregem Jef Braeckevelt, or for the French Josse and his long friendship with tour manager legend as their tour starts required years of stage three.
“Say” Jef “is the fascinating story of a man who nearly half a century at the wheel in the Pack.Literally. He was hardly his shorts outgrown or he carried out in his home village, the local bike Club Sports Association Meulebeke. The beginning of a success as coach. This led him by Leroux, Etalo, Watneys, La Redoute and Hitachi to his absolute masterpiece, the Lotto team which he achieved success after success in 90 years. It is a story full of anecdotes and thighs kletsers with a variety of previously unpublished pictures from his private archives.
He never gets to be his parents, a tailor from Meulebeke. They sent their son to boarding school in Mouscron. So that he would learn French, because it would make him later come in handy. And Jef learned good French and actually came in very handy. But not in business, or in the course of life. Because Jef was or no driver, he became Team Manager. He was hardly his shorts outgrown or he carried out in his home village, the local bike Club Sports Association Meulebeke. Jef Broeck Velt was launched in 1962 by Leroux in Northern France. This is the basis of falsified their many friends in the “North” and the 40-year-old friendship with Jean-Marie Leblancq, when one of its riders. It was the heroic times of exciting prizes and riders who could abstain.
After the modest French team Terrot-Leroux followed Etalo, Siriki-Munck, Avia Green Lion, La Redoute, Hitachi, Lotto, Marlux, Chocolade Jacques, Jartazi?? 7Mobile, Jartazi?? Promo Fashion. At 21, he was already in the northern French squad. Later he became an Assistant to the legendary Berten The Kimpe, Ferdi Van den Haute, and Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke. And he rode with Jean-Marie Leblanc, when it was still the driver to crits. Braeckevelt can also rightly be called a friend “Jean-Marie. It had also been very much miss his team got a ticket for the Tour. One example of this was in 2001, when Lotto was given a wild card, but with victories Rich Verbrugghe and Serge Baguet he thanked that same year with their riders tour manager of his gentle friends service.
For Braeckevelt was to ride the bike actually work a sideline hobby, because all the time he was officially a postman. During the winter months, he made Saturday work so much that he was able to pick up their overtime during the spring and summer to go to the course. The prize is so dear to him that he has been literally heart problems. During the winter of 2000, he suffered a mild stroke. It was the time that Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke was forced to leave the lottery, because an investigation against him was opened for black money. All work came to Braeckevelts the shoulders up.
But the race is his long life. And he always has an eye for the understated talent. Serge Baguet was an example of this. Jef Braeckevelt remained a sport Manager with a heart and a wise man. He always went out of professionalism rider and came extremely rare between because he assumed that common sense would prevail. A simple nod was often enough to move their drivers for specific actions. He also had people in the team at that level where real-world examples. There were hits like Andrei Tchmil and Johan particularly Demuynck, an amazing guy who is rewarded with both respect and gratitude for the commitment he experienced. Tchmil was an example for all young people. They have obviously not easy today. To learn how to “abandon”, where they can do that? Both are in their home environment and in school they are all offered on a plate. They did it so well in the material area, despite his talent, in the end it is not willing to “die” on the bike.
Braeckevelt is rather an underdog in the box. Among other things, in 2001 into the modest and likable Waregem in the foreground with his remarkable successes in the tour, WINS his rider Rik Verbrugghe and Serge Baguet as he not only striking congratulations from former Tour Director Jean-Marie Leblanc, but respect and appreciation throughout the cycling environment. While other Flemish team leader seemed more and more managers-Pevenage with German, Italian and American properties-Vanderaerden Braeckevelt Bruyneel is always with both feet will remain deep in West Flanders clay. The average person with many speed intelligence. And a cunning Fox.
This year, he’s everywhere were evaluated after Tour Adventures in Flanders. No one can see next to his contribution to this passage through Flanders. What estimate he enjoys on Tour Directors may well emerge from the long introduction, which neutralized the Tour left to take the Waregem left while respecting the maximum distance. The trail through Flanders, Jean-François Pescheux, despite a previous rider Josse Braeckevelt, only too happy to give advice to his former Sports Director. And Jef had his heart speak. If the West Flanders, he signed a journey from which ran broadly across this province.Ypres had, a tribute to Yves Leterme, with an intermediate sprint in Boezinge. Diksmuide, because Karl Vannieuwkerke is a good friend. MIDDELKERKE since Freddy Maertens and Johan Museeuw Gistel since it so badly wanted. And municipalities that do something for cycling. Koolskamp, Tielt, Ichtegem, all places where pro competitions are organized.

Tribute Book

The authors we can safely call the current cycle of reporting. Luc Lamon has written for several years about cycling in Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg. He won the prize of the Belgian Sports Association, and was the last year of cyclocross riders still named best cyclocross journalist.Ingooigem Hugo Coorevits, sports journalist from Het Nieuwsblad/Het Volk/De Standaard, a living proof of the theorem that you don’t need to chop two meters above the ground to be big in your area. We know him from his time as a freelance reporter in Het Volk, where he followed in the footsteps and colleague was Marc Dewinter IM. He called the new Hunter journalistengild.
For this tribute book, the authors were not only at the shipyard of Jef Braeckevelt, crawled out the open mouths of riders as he worked. An endless series of big names. Walter Boucquet, Daniel Vanryckegem, Tour Director Jean-Francois Pescheux, Ferdi Van Den Haute, Etienne De Wilde, Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke, Johan De Muynck, Walter Planckaert, Claude Criquielion, Jean-Marie Wampers, Dirk De Wolf, Johan Museeuw, Andrei Tchmil Johan Bruyneel, Mario De Clercq, Serge Baguet, Peter De Clercq, Wilfried Nelissen, Mario Aerts, Rik Verbrugghe: some big in past and ongoing Belgian cycling history is missing his card. “But to go as Jef’s death”, it sounds like a voice. 160 pp. Illuminate them legendary figure. The book also includes more than 150 unique photo?? s.
The book?? say Jef?? is festively presented on Friday October 12, 2007 at 19 hours. in the Town Hall of Waregem. On 1 september 2007, you can get the book with 5 Euro discount. There you can also have your copy signed by Jef and both authors. Orders can be made by depositing the amount to the account 442-9681141-86 to mention code?? JEF?? and the name of the person that you want to print in the subscription list in the book show. Would you like to receive the order book at home, write down about 3 euro extra.