Leikr Linux Watch

Have you ever thought of getting to have a sports watch based on Linux? If the answer is Yes, then you might be interested in this little “gadget” Leikr. The Leikr a brand Acorn Projects ApS based in Copenhagen in Denmark launched the concept of a sports watch very interesting that promises to give that talk.

But what makes Leikr watch, a serious competitor of Nike + SportWatch and Garmin Forerunner 10?

The race clock Leikr, includes innovative features beyond the operating system based on Linux. To give another example of innovation, be aware that this is the first watch to include cartographic maps of the OpenStreetMapproject. It also includes a “personal trainer” function that allows you to help choose the exercises in Leikr portal, as well as monitor their heart rate and estimate the calories expended.

But the compatibility with applications of monitoring have not been forgotten as it is possible to transfer the management of your practice to Endomondo, a solution considered standard in the management of sport which includes mobile access through applications for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian. The watch allows to connect to a wifi hotspot and make wireless synchronization of data from the portal and Leikr Endomondo. The inclusion of a GPS receiver allows you to record in detail the routes in your race. Check JIBIN123 for difference between Pebble and Apple watches.

Also in the field of construction of watch details were not left by less. The glass of the watch is shock resistant and dust infiltration thanks to the inclusion of glass “Gorilla Glass” of Corning (known for being used in several high-end smartphones). The watch also includes an ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort for the sport, with medically proven materials in reducing allergic reactions of the skin.

As for the hardware features are quite impressive for a “gadget” that size.

Construction: PC/TPU plastic for the clock and TPU Rubber for the bracelet, both medical gauge.

Processor: 500 MHz Arm Cortex A8

On-Board Software: custom version of Linux

Connectivity: GPS, Bluetotth 3.0, WIFI 802.11 b/g/n, USB 2.0

Display: 2 “TFT display with 320 × 240 pixels, 65 k colors and 11% refraction

Storage (for data and maps): 8 GB

Battery: up to 6 hours of battery life in Active mode, and 24 hours in “idle” mode

Dimensions: 57.20 40.40 x 10.65 x mm

Weight: 55 g

The Leikr announced availability and not the price at which this template will be available. Although not currently pass more than one concept we will be particularly attentive to this device that promises to innovate in the market of sports watches. Via Leikr