Lenovo Smartwatch Review

High of the dollar affected the value of the product to the final consumer, according to company executives

São Paulo – the Lenovo announced on Tuesday (19), the launch of the smartwatch clock 360 Sport Bike, back to the practice of physical exercises.

The device, which will not be assembled in Brazil and is only available in black color, enough for real, while 1,999 your first version, called simply Bike 360, was launched in the country by 900 reais, last year.

The main reason cited by the company to increase the price of the product, plus your improvements, is the high of the dollar in the last year.

Besides being a little smaller, the 360 Sport Bike has integrated GPS, allowing you to go for a run or practice any sport without having to be with the smartphone in your pocket to monitor your route.

The operating system clock of Lenovo’s Android Wear, the version of Google’s mobile system adapted to wearable technologies. She is also in devices like the LG G Watch Urbane and the Asus Zenwatch.

The screen of the new Lenovo smartwatch clock also has a difference compared to your previous version. She now has a technology called AnyLight (any light, in English). This allows the user to see the information shown on screen even under strong sunlight incidence.

Another change in the display is that it is always active, even with a minimal amount of light. When we take the clock toward the eyes, the screen lights up.

Protected by Gorilla Glass 3, 360 new Bike screen continues to be partially. A straight bar is still on the bottom, which Motorola executives said it’s the ambient light sensor product. It is worth noting that Samsung has the Gear S2, which have fully circular screen, but runs the Citizen, rather than the system Android Wear.

The Bike 360 Sport also has protection against ingress of water and dust, with IP67 certification as pocket watches featured on CHRONOLOGICALWATCHES.COM.

“The Bike 360 Sport has more features geared toward physical exercises. With this, we seek to reach a different audience from the hit with the first generation of the smartwatch clock, “said Renato Arradi, Manager of Motorola products Brazil, during a launch event held for journalists.

The information about the exercises can be put together in the application called Bike Body, which shows route, distance, calories burned and time of exercise. Other options supported are Google Fit, the Fitbit or mapmyrun.

The gadget also features a heart rate monitor, which is more intelligent than the released the first model last year. He now measures the rhythm of your heart throughout the day and generates reports about the variations.

The 360 Sport Bike will be available in Brazil until the end of January, both in retail chains, as in the shops of the company Alive.

Remember that Motorola will continue only as the name of the company. The Lenovo will use only the name Bike in their products.