Lenovo Will Leverage The Brand Motorola to Sell Their Products in Europe and United States

Lenovo It is a giant who has a leading position, or share leadership with Samsung in several markets such as the Chinese, or Indian, but that has not moved tab in most European territories, or in United States.

The purchase of Motorola It opens enough road if it gives you use the mark, rather than entered under its own name, but until today we do not have very clear what they are going to end making.

In a statement from the CEO of the company to a German media – Wirtschaftswoche-, anticipates that the intentions of the Chinese firm have to do with leverage advanced terrain and image of Motorola, which in recent months has gained enough value through the latest models manufactured under the supervision of Google: Moto X and G motorcycle.

We interpret that the idea is that Lenovo can attack the market at all possible prices, from the cheap to the high-end. Material now have extra if we add the catalogs of Motorola and Lenovo, which is not far from clear is the way in which convivirían marks.

What is certain is that they want to take the name of Motorola in Europe and United States, complementing with Lenovo models points that do not cover with the originally American company. Therefore, Lenovo considered a complementary catalogue with models of both brands can be.

Introduces the possibility of using a tagline of type”Motorola by Lenovo”, to go giving relevance to parents or owners of the creatures. The other idea is that Motorola infrastructure is responsible for selling mobile affordable Lenovo in markets where still does not operate.

In this sense are the shopping experience of IBM, which showed that they could do coexist both marks, finally giving visibility to Lenovo, which right now is the leader of the market of personal computers.

While this strategy is confirmed, Motorola became part of Google until authorities and regulatory bodies of the different markets do not give approval to the purchase, which is a signed fact for those involved,.