LG G R Watch, It Was a Pleasure to Meet You: LG Confirms That Their Production Cease

It was presented in the latest edition of IFA and his debut was a step forward in the design of Android Wear: a watch with round screen completely with very good specifications and one factor is attractive. A few months ago I present Watch Urbane, apparently his successor but they not suspected that the Koreans were going to cut this fast model.

All has begun with the disappearance of the clock in some catalogues online as Google Play United States (in Spain continues to appear while not sold) or Amazon. Perhaps outside chance but no, the company has come to pass to confirm it. Just the production and sale of LG G Watch R.

We will continue selling LG G Watch R until the end of the stock. At this point, they focus their efforts on the most current model, the Watch Urbane. Production has now ceased and the goal is to finish with stock so it is likely that soon we will see it lowered price on some sites.

A sad story that suggests that the product has not because of work as well as they thought in LG. His life has been less than the nine months and the truth is that it is a pity since it was a fairly attractive clock and that with another strap, original is pretty ugly, gives it a very elegant touch that has nothing to envy to other models.

It remains to be seen If in the next IFA LG introduces a new clock to accompany the Urbane or if going to follow concentrates with which are on the market. Perhaps it would be interesting to see if less techie with a more simple and small clock approaching other audiences because the two round Watch are rather large.