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[UPDATE 18.06.14]
It seems that you could order the G watch soon directly through the Google play store. Also here in Germany. So far, only nexus can be devices play store as stick the nexus 5, Chromebook and the HDMI Chromecast order. Coming to a new device.
Apparently a small mistake Google. Or was it a little deliberate leak. Texts on theWeb site were briefly seeing, where even the Smartwatch was mentioned.
“Constantly enabled display. The G watch never sleeps. The constantly enabled display at any time the time and new information them, without that you have to touch it.”

Elsewhere, there is talk of a 400 mAh battery. We assume that we next week will receive all the information about the G watch on the Google I/O. A short time later we welcome the Smartwatch play store.
[UPDATE 11.06.14]
Again, information about the G surfaced watch defined on RUIZESOLAR.COM. This time, the data have become known to the technical inner workings of the watch. To price and market launch, there are new messages.
The G watch should have a 1.65inch TFT display with a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels. The power comes from a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400. There are also 512 MB ofRAM and 4 GB of internal memory. With a 400mAh battery the Smartwatch can stay only 36 hours in standby mode. Watch the G is then recharged within two hours.
With the Smartphone will connect via Bluetooth 4.0. The clock can be charged through metal pins on the bottom. This interface works as a Mirco USB connection. Allsensors of the G watch to remain enabled during standby mode, so that the user,certain movements or tap on the screen, the device can wake up. The dimensionsare 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95 mm. The weight should be about 60 g.
According to a report the Smartwatch come already Britain on 7 July in large on the market. She will be sold for 170 pounds (about €210). It is near that of the Europe-wide launch is also on this date.
Other information indicate that LG and Google want to launch the G watch on theI/O and distribute to all developers.
[UPDATE 04.06.14]
A system dump of the LG are G watch again deeper insights into the functions of the Smartwatch and the appearance of the software interface of Android wear.
The boot animation, a wide variety of dials and Watchfaces of a hiking app came to the fore.
The clock interface of the LG G watch offer a very wide range. As we know that LG,the South Koreans like it colorful. You can see that even with some clock elements.They range from simple and two-tone freaked out and stained. Many dials provide under the clock symbol still a lot of space for information that can be displayedon maps, such as Google now.
Android wear will work mainly as Google now. The card design is transferred from Smartphone on the Smartwatch. Some Google now wallpapers are now also being surfaced.
The boot animation G watch is comparatively longer than for smartphones. Otherwise, the operator logo is displayed only a few seconds. The animation consists ofa game between the Sun and moon, a hint of clock and flying points in the Googlecolors that form the Android logo towards the end.
Google itself has released new information about the development of Android wear on your own blog. Specifically, this is an app for hiking the at special places cards appear, which provide specific information or cancel a hiking route. Good to see here is how different the maps and information in one round (MOTO 360) and an angular Smartwatch (G watch) are displayed.
A remote shutter APK was also discovered in the software of the G watch. So, it will be possible to use the watch as the camera shutter for the Smartphone. The remaining functions are a pedometer, a calorie counter and a compass. On June 23, the Google launches I/O. There we are certainly still more information about Android wear.
[UPDATE 02.06.14] Video is back online
[UPDATE 30.05.14] First Hands-On
The G watch still not really introduced by LG. Even after the launch of the LG G3 onTuesday evening, we have to wait further. Today, two new pieces of information tothe Smartwatch have surfaced.
A still morning public video showed the G watch from LG for the first time in action. Meanwhile, the video is again offline. If it reappears it is added here, of course.In the video, the G watch as beta is beta to see. The operating system Android wear seems to run, but the actual features are still disabled. Also the battery can bewith one wipe down query. The remaining functions are placed in a list.
The design has not really convinced the video presenter. The display is set up. Theparts and colors do not match. The bracelet is too low. There, we can only hope that the housing improves some until release.
Google itself has published today a few screenshots for Android wear. Notifications, calendar function, and the music player will be shown.
[UPDATE 12.05.14] LG has released a video to the G watch. The video is unfortunately pretty much nothing stating. It shows no new information, but only the previously shown specifications. We are still looking forward to the first Smartwatch withAndroid wear. Perhaps we see the G watch also on May 27 at the big press eventby LG.
[UPDATE 29.04.14] G watch will be sold starting in June in Europe. LG France has now confirmed this date and a retail price of the manufacturer.
The first Smartwatch with Android wear should go here early June in Europe overthe counter. In addition, the LG subsidiary in France betrayed that the EIA for the Gwatch will be $199.
LG wants to sell the first own Smartwatch odors according to in July. Until now, itwas only known that LG is bringing out a smart watch with Android wear. Now, theSouth Korean manufacturer präsenteiert first technical details and more photos. Anew color variant, the angular Smartwatch, has been added.
A new color
For the second quarter, LG has announced the G watch. Then, the first device withGoogle’s slimmed down version of Android Android wear for sale should be. In the first pictures, the Smartwatch by LG was to see only in a black housing. Now, a new color is added. In addition to “Stealth Black”, the user in the future may also “champagne gold decide. The front of the clock remains, however, always black. The edge and the bracelet are however different colours.
Smartwatch with “Always on display”
The G watch from LG we have an always on display with that, as the name implies,always will be. Is allowing the user to watch without previously touching the clock.Also with an “OK“Google it will be possible to use the Smartwatch without hand movements.
Also, watch the G is dust – and waterproof. A protection class, like Samsung’s gear2 (IP67), was not named.
An official sales date not called LG always still. If the market launch, as predicted,will take place in the second quarter, the first Smartwatch with Android wear will be the G watch. The Moto of 360, the round Smartwatch by Motorola, will be delivered with the same operating system and is announced for the summer 2014.
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