LG G Watch R Test

A Smartwatch may not look like a nerd gadget. It must look like a chic watch – and the technology nerd beam all features of your smartphone at the wrist. LG promised with the G watch R exactly such a wearable. But the second Smartwatch by LG can meet the high expectations? We have tested the watch for you.

We are honest: all Android wear watches available currently on the market, whether it is a LG G watch or even Sony Smartwatch 2, are only a simple extension of the display for our Smartphone. Is the latter not in Bluetooth range, then the Smartwatch is no matter which manufacturer, only a stupid digital clock. The manufacturer of the Android wear watches can little welcome, because Google has restricted them in the first version of Android wear. With the latest version and the now appearing Smartwatches like the LG G watch R and the Sony Smartwatch 3 be lifted some restrictions at last.

Design and processing: high-quality optics, cheap feel

At first glance, the LG looks pretty classy G watch R. But although the G watch R made of stainless steel and aluminum is made and actually promises a high-quality feel, she feels more plastic. This is also the hint of diving ring suggests here to wear a true Chronograph on the arm. Also the small physical button on the edge creates a solid and robust impression at first glance. But unfortunately this does not withstand the comparison with my good Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch.

The supplied black calf leather with 22 mm standard width liver strap looks good only at first glance. Already at the first touch, one has the feeling that’s here is not real leather, although LG assured the opposite. Fortunately, you can subsequently change the bracelet or replaced LED watch at the CLOTHESBLISS.

By design a Moto 360 has become the G watch R how sure not so simple. You might think that will address mainly the men LG using a fake dive rings, while Motorola has more the world of women in the eye with the simple Moto 360. You should however not tempted by the exterior you: R in the meaning of IP67 certification against dust is the G watch and water proof, the Smartwatch for maximum withstand 30 minutes at a depth of one metre but the latter. You should try to avoid with G watch R so real diving.

Display and hardware: State-of-the-art

LG stuffs everything in what is currently possible with Android wear in the G watch R. On the inside, strong Qualcomm Snapdragon-400-processor, 512 MB of RAM to the side there is the throbs a 1.2 GHz. This ensures that everything is slip on the 1.3-inch P-OLED display with 320 x 320 pixels. At the screen, has learned from the experience with the LG LG G Flex and uses a newer version of the plastic OLED display, where is the image not to burn. If that is the case, we can not say yet – for that we must look at the G watch R for a long time.

My impression of the display is good. Although the surface of the glass reflects strong, at maximum brightness, R but also in the sunlight readable is the G watch. So the Smartwatch in not too quickly runs out, the steam man was giving a very generous with 410 mAh battery the device. Comparison: the battery of the Moto 360 only has a capacity of 320 mAh. With this battery and always on function disabled the LG come out for three days without a visit to the charging station G watch R according to the manufacturer. But even with always on function is activated – this puts the display after some time in a dimmed but still readable State – I came loose on two days, without that I had to get panic at the end after the charging station.

Smartwatch with MP3-player

With the latest version of Android wear, it is now possible to use the wrist gadgets as a music player for the manufacturer of Smartwatches. Just like Motorola’s Moto 360 also the LG G watch R has a 4 GB internal memory, on which you can synchronize your music via Google play music. Actually, it’s a great addition, only you need a Bluetooth stereo headphones for this. And unfortunately can not manually determine what music should; be loaded from your Smartphone on the Smartwatch Android wear synchronisert all tracks are located locally on your Smartphone. One can only hope that Google implemented a way in the next updates of Android wear to transfer at least playlists manually from the Smartphone on the Smartwatch.

Conclusion: on the wrist nothing new

LG has delivered with the G watch R a good Android wear Smartwatch, rushing in terms of battery endurance and display of the competition away. R from a Moto 360 or a Samsung gear live differs from the features here G watch. Only the integrated pressure sensor and the physical button should be considered here as small distinguishing characteristics. All in all it is a matter of taste: the functions are the same for all these Android wear Smartwatches and the manufacturer can stand out just by look and feel.

Somehow it all reminds of the automotive industry. A Skoda uses the same platform such as a Volkswagen, Audi, seat, only the look is totally different. Technically, the LG is G watch R absolutely top, only you must like the clock at the end. Personally I like this well, but somehow not the a Smartwatch I would wear every day on the wrist is still the G watch R.