LG G Watch Urbane LTE Review

With the G watch urban has LG at MWC presents a noble Smartwatch. It pushes only notifications from your Smartphone on the wrist in best Android-wear fashion. With the addition of “LTE” However, you can get a phone for the wrist.

Because the LG has urban LTE G watch, suggests how the name already, a LTE module. Thus the gadget is not the first Smartwatch no Smartphone needed for the data connection in addition to the gear S from Samsung. But it’s the first Smartwatch with LTE support. So can retrieve your not only faster data from the network, via an integrated microphone and a speaker’s calls with the gadget in best “Knight Rider” manner.

Overlooking the mobile features, it is not surprising that LG at the LED smartwatches moves away urban LTE by the operating system of the standard version. For Android wear is suitable not for direct data connections to the Internet. That’s why independent sister model is based on the proprietary “LG wearable platform” as the operating system. The remaining hardware is also subtly souped up: instead of 512 MB RAM works urban LTE with 1 GB of the watch, the battery has increased from 410 mAh on 700 mAh. The features of the standard version are of course also included: pedometer, barometer, compass and co. are on board.

The first impression: If somewhat chunky as the little brother of LG G watch urban, is the LTE version of a beautiful piece of technology. But it is unclear when and whether the Smartwatch comes after Germany. Prices not announced previously also LG. We would be pleased if the selection of independent Smartwatches is greater.