Lidl Notebook: Targa Traveller 1526

Speed an AMD processor Athlon X is In the Lidl notebook 2 mobile TL62 two processor cores with 2.1 GHz clock frequency. Thus, the portable computer reached a very high working speed. Memory-hungry programs ran very quickly thanks to the snappy processor and memory with rich two gigabytes. The graphics processor Radeon 2600 has ATI 256 MB own memory. He calculated the average 47 frames per second and is thus also suitable for current 3D-Spiele. storage the hard disk of the Targa notebook offers NET 233 gigabyte very much disk space. The built-in DVD burner could work a little faster. Especially copying video DVDs to the hard drive lasted very long: almost 49 minutes. But he burned the discs in decent quality.

Lidl laptop Targa traveller 1526

4 pictures to the image gallery image quality  how many modern laptops has a screen in widescreen format 16:10 with 39 cm diagonal (15.4 inches), which is suitable for playback of DVDs of Targa traveller. The monitor is also beneficial: Anti-reflective, so disturb no reflections from lamps or other bright light sources. Despite great loss of brightness side looking at the picture quality was overall good.   environmental/health pleasing: idle operating noise remained fairly quiet. At full load, s was but noticeably louder. Just over two and a half hours endurance in battery operation are satisfactory. Good: The power supply has a separate on / off switch. So it can remain on the socket and consumes yet no power. After switching off   operation/facilities with Windows Vista Home Premium and a program package with Corel Office and WISO my money good software is the Targa. Also the room is decent: not all laptops have a built-in TV receiver (DVB-T) and remote control, HDMI output, and fingerprint sensor. Connection to other computers or to the Internet takes the traveller either via a network cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on. conclusion the Lidl laptop Targa traveller 1526 works fast and is also suitable for playing. Also on the facilities there s nothing to carp: especially the large hard drive and the lush package deserve praise. ««That makes the notebook despite the price of 999 euros to the top offer. Test Note: 1.90 (good)» News at Lidl: Full PC Targa Ultra 8521 » Tests, Tips, Buying Advice: The large Notebook-Special computer IMAGE