Lighting System Upgrade

The word “relamping” comes from the English, and could be translated as “relamping”. Specifically, it is to modernize the lighting system of a company, of a trade, or even home. The relamping to replace its energy by a LED system equipment, more efficient and more economical, while remaining in an eco-responsible approach. ACEL, Installer specialist in Belgium LED, provides you all the tips in this article.

When upgrading its lighting system?

The relamping is particularly interesting for buildings that consume a lot of electricity in lighting. T e types of premises can be enlightened by technology LED: store, trade, offices, factory, warehouse, warehouse, etc. The LED can also be used to decorate an interior with recessed, elements on the wall or ceiling. The LED can also be used to inform a road, parking or a path. This technology also adapts to theoutdoor lighting: front, Park, etc. Upgrade to the technology LED allows savings in all situations, including for a House: living room, kitchen,, etc. But the relamping is more quickly pays for itself when you light up the building at least 1,500 hours a year.

Two choices are available to the company, or individual, who wishes to make a relamping. The first is towait for the old incandescent bulbs arrive at end of life. Their life expectancy is generally three to five years. If they have been placed recently, it take so long before taking advantage of a more efficient and economic system. The other possibility is tounder take as soon as possible the replacement of its old bulbs by a LED system prized by ACEINLAND.

The study of light determines how to change installation

Whether it’s to replace the bulbs of a Warehouse, a factory, offices, or even a House, it is necessary to prepare carefully the relamping. A study of lighting and relamping professional allows to evaluate the existing system, and determine what more economic and efficient system will replace it.

A relamping requires:

A study of the location, because the selected bulbs vary according to the premises to light: corridor, offices, warehouse, kitchen, living room, etc.

An inventory of the lighting system and of the needs of the user. Indeed, a room dedicated to the work of office requires a whiter light to rest my eyes. On the other hand, a decoration business may require a warmer atmosphere.

To select bulbs and light fixtures meet the requirements of the user.

To determine quality criteria to meet.

To compare precisely the energy cost of the old installation compared to a new LED system.

To evaluate exactly the cost of the relamping and the terms of the return on investment. The relamping price varies on a case by case basis, but it depends mainly on the price of the selected bulbs, to place material, access to light fixtures, and the necessary labor time.

Thanks to a precise analysis of the premises and the needs of the user, the relamping will reproduce the desired light atmosphere, and realize significant savings.

The advantages of the LED relamp: energy saving, but not only!

TheLED light has many advantages:

LED technology allows to save up to 80% of energy. This obviously allows to lower your electricity bill.

The LED bulb has a life expectancy ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 hours. Where an incandescent bulb lasts about 1,000 hours. Invest in the LED can be very profitable in the long term.

LED lighting is stronger and more secure. It can resist vibration, shock and temperature changes.

Despite these benefits, many people believe that the LED produces a light that is too white and too cold. This isn’t yet the case, because a LED light offers different temperatures, and therefore different shades. So also a LED installation can produce a warmer light, approaching yellow. Regardless of the region and the level of sunshine, whether to Namur or Brussels, the advantages of LED lighting are multiple and produce all possible environments.

To replace the complete fixture installation?

The answer is no, it is not necessarily needed to replace existing brackets and luminaires. However, in the face of an Aging facility, it may be useful to take advantage of the relamping to change its installation. In the case, for example, industrial shed, where devices are dilapidated, and that popping them are end of life, replace the installation can generate more savings. Indeed, thanks to newer equipment and more efficient, it will be possible to further decrease consumption of electricity of the lighting system. LED lighting and fixtures on sale in Belgium are many and varied, and can adapt to all needs.

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