Like Brushing Your Teeth of the Dog

  • Brush your dog’s teeth can prevent many problems, such as the Tartar. Learn how to make brushing correctly, to keep teeth clean and healthy.

The daily brushing the dog is very important to maintaining good oral health. The dogs have, on average, 10 teeth more than human beings, totaling 42. There are few breeds that have a greater amount of teeth, such as the Chow Chow has 44 teeth.

The power supply also influences directly on oral health, because the dogs that have a quality power supply, rarely, will develop tooth decay. In addition, brushing provides a lot of protection against Tartar, which is a fairly common problem. But, you know how to properly brush your dog’s teeth?

Initially, separate a toothbrush and toothpaste from, which are specific to dogs. They can’t use the same product we therefore go to a Pet Shop and buy. Acquaint the dog with your toothpaste, that is, put a bit in his mouth, so he can go feel the taste and adjusting to brushing. Let him sniff, lick, anyway, get to know and experience the folder.

Later, he is more used, start brushing carefully and try to check which regions that he feels more comfortable to let the brushing. At first, he probably will present some resistance, so start brushing slowly and then increase gradually and always remember to respect the time and the will of your best friend. Gradually he get used to it and adapt and, in this way, brushing will integrate his routine. However, this is a process that may require a little time.

Always give greater attention in that it allows brushing easier, and then continue increasing until the brushing be complete. The movements should be always very soft, circular and massage the gums line all the time, however, don’t push, because it can hurt your best friend’s mouth.

While brushing, take lots of treats and affection in your dog. As soon as I’m done, how about offering him a reward? Give him a cookie, a snack or something that he loves. In this way, he will associate the brushing the reward.

There are other ways to keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy, such as snacks and toys that are specific to bite, that assist in cleaning as they are chewed and keeps teeth strong.