Lose Weight with Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba, what the hell is it? As the name suggests, Zumba in water. This sport is perfect when you want to lose weight or what would be fitter. This is partly due to the resistance in the water. Although Aqua Zumba is a fun sport to do. Exercise regularly Aqua Zumba and see overweight?? p disappears.

What is Aqua Zumba?

Zumba is known to many people: a dance to fun music, which is especially used much your hips, buttocks and abdomen. Zumba is mostly Latin music and sport are often seen as a party, rather than a workout. There are many different variations of Zumba.One of these is the Aqua Zumba. Aqua Zumba takes place in the pool. There can be orders of Latin music, but also pop music. You do all kinds of dancing in the water, where specially uses the resistance of the water. During an Aqua Zumba class will make you jump, spin around, waving his arms and dance to the music.

Why choose Aqua Zumba?

Aqua Zumba is a fun way to get good move. You will have so much fun that you actually realize how much you move. With Aqua Zumba can burn up to 600 calories in one hour. How many calories you burn just naturally depends on the intensity that you used during exercise, but also of your own body weight.

Who is sport suits?

The great advantage of the Aqua Zumba is that it is suitable for everyone. The sport is suitable for overweight people, but also for people who have suffered an injury. Even older people can participate well with Aqua Zumba because they entrust their joints much less in the water. The sport is suitable for people who are overweight, injuries, or for seniors, does not mean that the die-hard sports fans have nothing to Aqua Zumba. For them, it can be a tough training because they have to deal with the resistance of the water.

Can you lose weight with Aqua Zumba?

Yes, it is definitely possible to lose weight with Aqua Zumba. When your regular lesson Aqua Zumba meepakt, you can certainly lose kilos?? p. Aqua Zumba because it is a combination of cardio and strength training, and this combination is ideal when you want to lose weight.

How often do sports?

You can all decide how often you want meepakken an Aqua Zumba class. For example, it may be once a week, as well as a couple of times a week. Quite handy is when you combine the Aqua Zumba with any other sport, so you really can function optimally on a better weight. Every day is a half hour of exercise often enough to see the difference. A half-hour walk is also under! If you really want to lose weight, it’s just not moving enough. You will also need to watch your diet.

There you can follow the Aqua Zumba?

Aqua Zumba is taught in many pools. Some gyms also offer special group Aqua Zumba. It is possible that you have to have a special membership to participate in the lessons. The price for this can vary depending on location.However, it is usually possible to request a free trial, so you can first see if there is something for you. To see if you can do around this sport with you, you can find the best on the Internet. For example, type in Google you live with behind Aqua Zumba.

Lose more weight

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