Lumia 1020: Denim-Update Without New Camera Features

Update-disappointment for owner of a Nokia Lumia 1020: some significant innovations, which brings the denim-update, stay denied the advance mentioned model. As reported by Windows Central, the Lumia have to forgo 1020 doing precisely the new camera features.

The Nokia Lumia 2013 to market 1020 has a unusual feature: a 41-mega pixel camera! In addition to the impressive sensor and intelligent camera technology, it also has a digital triple zoom and an optical image stabilizer. But the camera is obviously not designed for the new features of the denim updates currently rolling out Microsoft.

Lumia 1020 Denim-Update Without New Camera Features

Lumia 1020 Hardware Is Too Old For The Denim Update

The reason for this update disappointment is just as simple as annoying: the technique of Lumia 1020 is apparently simply too old to be able to use the new features. Therefore, your Smartphone must waive functions such as the rich-capture feature, an auto HDR mode, as well as the ability to shoot quick photos. The devices, however, may be pleased about the camera update including the Lumia 830 and the Lumia include 1520 – and also on the Lumia 930 new software rolling just after Germany.

What has generally to offer the denim update can read her at this point. We imagine detail here the camera features. In addition, Microsoft has released a promotional video recently that introduces all the improvements and features, the update given the Lumia smartphones.