Lumia 930: Celebrity Photographer Turns 4K-Werbevideo In Africa

Microsoft in Zambia: the national Geographics photographer Stephen Alvarez has made for the company from Redmond on the way to the distant Africa, to there to demonstrate the qualities of Lumia 930 together with Lumia denim-update: come out is an admittedly gorgeous promotional video of the Victoria falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

He was as Alvarez stated right at the beginning of the video, on a mission to the seven natural wonders of the world, which leads us to suspect that yet more Microsoft videos to the Lumia will follow 930 and probably also to other devices. First stop on this trip the celebrity photographer has undertaken is the Victoria falls in Africa, where the gigantic masses of water of the Zambezi river rushing almost 900 meters in depth – and of course offer an impressive scene for the camera of the Lumia 930.

Natural Spectacle As Advertising Theme

For the professional nature photographers is therefore by boat on the Zambezi River and Jeep through the Savannah elephants and giraffes, until finally, the largest waterfall of the planet in the motive forces. At the latest at this point also becomes clear why Microsoft may have chosen the waterfall as a showcase for the 4K-Videoaufnahme of his Lumia 930: the water case referred to by the locals as “smoking Thunder” produced around the clock a dense mist and rainbows, what is good of course especially on high resolution video material.

That Stephen Alvarez is an absolute professional, is evident especially in the last minute of the video: no beginners, which his life would probably at such positions without security venture, only to to shoot, although many photo even better taught us a possible pretty photo of the down-rushing waters. Microsoft has with its promotional clip to the Lumia 930 anyway, some things proved that not all had to prove it: so, all viewers of the videos now know that really pretty 4K-Videos rotate with the Smartphone and the denim-update Lumia. In addition, the clip shows that no longer only Apple’s controlled, to design stunning and emotional advertising – and also we all know now, that we have to stop at the next Africa journey at Victoria falls.