Mailbox Friday – Fit in Pants

Fit in pants.

That’s what Tora asks for in this edition of the correspondence Friday.

Oh My!!

Pants is one of the absolute most difficult to organise.

According to this article , it is bad at all with trouser fit. It says, among other things. : “More than half of all women trying ten pairs of pants before purchasing anything – and end up often with just buying the few that fits the ‘ least bad ‘.”

It says a little bit about that it is also in the industry, we bøvler around with white trouser fits at CONSTRUCTMATERIALS.

And not just you, it is mad with, if you think it’s difficult to get the pants to sit properly.

The key to a good fit

The key lies in whether there is enough space for the body.

When we sew yourself, we are fortunate that we can check and adjust each pattern so it fits to the body that you want to use the pants. Fortunate are they not in industry, where the same pattern must fit several different bodies.

In the industry we use (in some places) 2 methods to check that the pants are ok. (So that it is not always the case when production comes home, that’s another matter).

The 2 methods you can use at home.

One method is to make sure that there is enough space for the body by adding front and back piece up to each other in indersømmen, and measure the distance between the middle and the Middle behind. Target approx. 1/3 up from the crotch. It looks like this:

The second method (which is used in combination with the first) is to check the curve on step seam. It should fit to the body’s shape. The lower one’s backside is located, the deeper the curve must be on the back panel.

View the video here, how you use the 2 methods to check, that there is room for your body in your pattern:

If you have any questions for the video or other comments, so please give sound in the comments. It makes sense, it here? And you can divert it to lines on your own pattern, so you can get a better fit in your pants?

If you could use the answer, so share it finally with your sewing friends on facebook. There are guaranteed to be others out there who would be happy to know it here about their buksers fit.