Makes Your Smartphone Ready For Winter

Freezing temperatures significantly restricts the use of smartphones. It can also happen that cause snow damage. You would like to do without on his Smartphone but of course also in the cold season.

We tell you how it comes best through the winter.

Is eight in the snow and cold

Nowadays smartphones keep much and many are also waterproof and true survivalist. But exaggerating one should not there yet. If the Smartphone is snowed in, wet danger and you should try to avoid.

Too cold can be a danger for smartphones. Who briefly used and then again plugged should at icy temperatures actually have to worry. But it should not spend hours outdoors or in the car in freezing temperatures.

Operation even with gloves

Most of you know it, you stand outside in the cold, fat packed with Hat, scarf and gloves and pulls out the Smartphone. Only stupid if the Smartphone because of the gloves is not properly actuates. Many manufacturers now are responding to the problem and offer a glove mode. If this mode is enabled, the field is enlarged and the operation works well even with gloves. Samsung and Sony offer this option on their current models.

the option does not work, this could be ‘wrong’ gloves, because it is not certain whether this function on all gloves are also properly.

If your gloves despite glove mode failing, you should get special gloves, E.g. those of ScreenGloves, specially designed for the use of touch displays.

Best protect Smartphone

Worth buying a waterproof protective case, because as mentioned before water damage when the Smartphone may occur snow. The Smartphone not only water, but also from dirt is well protected in a protective bag.

The purchase of a case will help against the cold. The mobile should be wrapped in frosty times as thick.

Outdoor Smartphone for snow walkers

This option is perhaps not exactly cheap, but it can be a good choice for active people. The CAT Smartphones are waterproof, dam sealing and especially shock-resistant. Who this but also not want to waive a good design, which can count on the Sony Xperia Zseries. These smartphones look visually top modern and chic and are water and dust resistant, but not as shock resistant as the CAT smartphones.

So prepare yourself for the cold winter season and quickly get winter gadget for your Smartphone yours.