Makeup Collection Fall 2015

The lines make up for autumn 2015 reserve of small but important surprises, when products are signed by major fashion houses! Some characteristics in common and the presence of unique pieces in each collection makes makeup trends for fall 2015 really interesting: we discover the most beautiful and prestigious collections.

The make up trends for autumn 2015 were already known for some time but, finally, we can find on the market the collections of the most prestigious brands. Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Guerlain offer their collections and no lack of surprises and peculiarities, as it should and as one would expect from the King as important and iconic. Some characteristics are shared: warm winter, those colors in shades of Brown and cold shades of blue and purple, in the first place. Then, metallic effects and tips of light, present in the texture of eyeshadows, blush, face powder and lipstick, to continue even in the autumn make up strobing, very fashionable last summer. All brands also point to innovation, creating products that are easy to use and long lasting.

Dior presents the most innovative pieces. The collection make up autumn 2015 is called “Cosmopolite” and it is precisely in the town and committed woman who the Dior makeup aims to make life easier through HEALTH-BEAUTY-GUIDES. Two products above all: the Fluid Stick, a two-in-one that contains lip gloss and lipstick, and Cheek blush stick by Stick, practical carry for touch-ups, to use even on the lips.Regarding colours, Dior combines the typical autumnal tones (blue, Burgundy and Brown) to other brighter, to give light touches. Together with the palette of eyeshadow compact, the French fashion house offers 8 different colour eyeshadows fluids in metallic finish. The 5 Dior enamelsfor autumn 2015 do not present new colors: black, blue, green, silver, marsala and all tones in keeping with the season.

Dolce & Gabbana presents a collection of makeup with a touch of gold and metallic finish less than the other brand, as can be seen from the palette eye shadow. The campaign has also declined in #DGLovesFall much more muted shades, violet, as the mauve and lilac, without forgetting the fire red lipstick and enamel cherry, paired with autumn colors, such as gray, blue and pink.

Yves Saint Laurent relies entirely on atmosphere rock chic of the late 80 ‘s and it does so abounding with black and Brown for eyes and lips left nude or with colors mentioned. However, it does not leave out other nuances, like purple and the classic red. For the facial makeup, YSL launched a universal illuminating powder, which has the power to smooth and even out, as well as making diaphanous but glowing skin. The revolution of Saint Laurent for make up fall 2015covers, however, hands: no enamels, nail black and gold patches only. The YSL collection is probably the one that makes more use of textures with metallic tones, as well the name of the campaign: “Rebel Metal”.

Guerlain is the brand that amazes me more than others for choosing colors. The very name of the autumn 2015, “Bloom of Roses,” recalls strangely spring, and so also happens to the colours, especially regarding the lipsticks. The warm tones of autumn are reserved for the eyeshadows, 4 colors in palette, while the one with 6 toni hosts the cool tones of blue, with grey and a yellow gold crystal clear. The manicure Guerlain for autumn 2015 is equally soft: one bright enamel nude, manicured hands and minimal.