Makeup Trend Spring Summer 2016

Between the make up trends for spring summer 2016 there are two of the most ladylike tones chosen by Pantone: pink quartz and the Blue Serenity, two shades of soberness, that you can even show off together. Here are the products must in the spring to make a make up simple and elegant and inspiring ideas.

Once again to decide on the color and on what will be the season’s must is Pantone shades, that among the 10 Coolest colors of spring summer 2016 has also included two dusty tones and bon ton reminiscent of the color of confetti. We are talking about the so-called Blue Serenity and pink Quartz, two pastel colors quite clear, perfect for spring and summer.

Goodbye to strong and vibrant shades, colors, extremely earnest tones and access of the past year: the 2016 is another story and confirm it is Pantone, which among the trendiest shades for spring aimed at bon ton two shades that are suitable for any kind of skin tone and soul decidedly soft and refined. One is the Rose Quartz, a very light shade of pink but with the opalescent bright notes, the other being the Blue Serenity, a color that is inspired by the blue sky in summer.

As for the pink, a color often opposed, we have plenty of choice, beginning with classic cream eye shadows or by new eye shadows to pencil that apply and blend with ease; Obviously they are indispensable even blush and gloss pink quartz, a very sober and vintage style natural makeup from SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES.
But even this new shade of blue is not the usual drab hue that gives only to those who have the skin nor too light or too dark, quite the opposite! Undoubtedly it is a nuance that makes especially complexion and bright eyes, but it matches perfectly to those who has red hair and more. But the most interesting aspect is that the Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity can be mixed together to create a light make-up, natural and ladylike. You have no idea how to use these colors? Try to take inspiration from our gallery where we have selected some products ideal for a make up trends in the wake of pink and blue.