Manual Gives Tips on Toys and Inclusive Games

Riding, coloring, painting, singing, dancing, learning. Playing is an exercise in the imagination and pursuit of new skills that enriches the learning process of any child – whether or not they have a disability. And believe me, child is all the same: wants to discover, be challenged, have friends, dream.

This is the thinking of Instituto Mara Gabrilli (IMG), a non-profit association that develops and implements projects that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities. The institute has launched a Handbook of Inclusive Toys and Games with the step-by-step to adapt toys and games and stimulate people of all ages to develop their skills through play.

The goal is to incorporate in the daily life of parents and educators the creation of games and the production of adapted toys at And all this in a sustainable way: with recyclable and inexpensive materials that can be made at home. With simple language, the idea is to make anyone can create, learn and help children of all ages to develop their abilities.

There is no recipe for a joke to be inclusive, so that it fits into every situation. At  However, Some Premises Are Basic To Ensure The Enjoyment Of All. The Main Ones Are:

Respect each other’s time;  Respect the knowledge of each person;  Combine with participants the best way to make the game inclusive;  And, finally, try to provide the same opportunity of experience for all participants.