Mark The Times In The Kitchen: Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are not only to fulfill their main function, but also can be an excellent decorative element for our kitchen.

 Mark the time in the kitchen with a wall clock is very comfortable and useful and if we add that we can invent and create our own watch with the whole family, better than better. Here are some very interesting creations from

1. Watch Handle

Who said that the simple can not be nice? In this case we have a simple and beautiful wall clock whose numbers we can place them to our liking . These models of watches can be obtained in different colors such as: red, white, black, orange, among others. They are models that bring a placement guide to be able to adjust them to the correct distance. They are also self-adhesive, so we can place their numbers at the distance we like the most.This is a very practical option that can look great on your wall

2. Clock Created From Pallet Tables

In this case we have a clock created with the tables of a pallet. An excellent idea and a desire that  Iria Ausina Valcárcel had long wanted to accomplish. It is a rustic clock of pallet that with a simple tables and a little of paint managed to give an aged finish, also you can choose to make a clock with painting to the chalk like is the case of Félix Blanco. 

3. Recycled Watch: Another Way To Reuse Materials

Surely many of us have at home, lost somewhere, whose place we do not remember, some vinyl record, DVD or CD accumulating dust there. We just do not know what to do with it. 

Why not reuse it and make it a new element of our decoration? We can transform it into an original watch. Juanvi Trenado  shows us his extraordinary watches with vinyl records . In addition to this brilliant idea, we can also reappropriate other objects such as a kitchen dish or cutlery and even parts of an incomplete domino.

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