Maternity Store: Love and Nutrition For the Baby

For 4 years I share with you the routine Clear feed. It was with the introduction on the little person, that topics related to food and child nutrition have won a huge space on the blog. For 4 years, I show you how to do with feeding of your little routine. And there’s all this time, you have inspired me to want more, more and more. With that, came the idea of the store Motherhood and her Colorful, much love and nutrition for the little ones.

Maternity Store: Love and Nutrition For the Baby

Throughout this whole time, I realized that my great difficulty keeping the little person according to her age for breakfast and snacks, was the same as yours, since, on the shelves, what else we found are items full of preservatives, dyes, additives and ingredients nothing nice for us adults, and the worst , for children. All this, combined with rushing from day to day, every family routine, and often the lack of practice in the kitchen, keep away from us even more cool options.

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Thus was born the Maternity shop, a Union of love and nutrition for the little people. An old dream of mine, which becomes reality. A dream to take for more little people and families own items for them, only with honest ingredients and with familiar names. Items to make breakfast and snacks tastier, nutritious and full of practicality for the people fighting against time. All with much love and respect to small.

“It all started with a grandmother who knew how to cook gostosices. The granddaughter, always between her legs while she cooked, got love for the art of cooking. She grew up, went to College of nutrition and after some long years, became mother. That’s when she came across a world full of nothing nice to your daughter industrialized and patients eat. ”

Inspired by the recipes in the recipe of my grandmother, I chose the fingers to make options more and more colorful and nutritious meals of little people that no longer hair: breakfast, snacks and lunch box.

“The Colorful Maternity Store aims to offer convenience for adults and tidbits of good for children. Or will young? Or Little People? No matter! What matters is that here, the products are made with ingredients, familiar names and the best, love of our family to your family! ”

Breads, cakes, cookies, biscuits,combinations of juices, vegetable drinks and side dishes to the breads and cookies are items that will be part of the Colorful Maternity store. Everything from BestAAH to help in the day-to-day of your House and leave the menu of your family even more complete and you put #ComaForaPraCaixinha into practice without suffering and despair around. And most importantly:only with own ingredients, without preservatives or artificial colourings.

Remember this text:think, or rather, #ComaForaDaCaixinha and put into practice in your home!

Missing very little for her to be in the air, February. In the meantime, sign up on our site, Maternity Store in color, and learn firsthand what’s new and when she will be 100% in the air!

I’m very, very happy with this achievement. It will be an honor to have a piece of us, here at home!