MAXDATA Belinea o.Book 1.1

Speed an intel celeron processor inside the MAXDATA notebook with just a calculation core. Nevertheless, the reached a good note when working with standard programs. Thanks to two gigabytes of memory, memory-hungry software went pretty fast. The graphics processor calculated only five images per second. Current 3D games are not playable at this rate. Storage  generously

calculated the 149 gigabytes hard drive space was. The DVD writer described all types of blank in quite good quality. Image quality was the loss of brightness in the side viewing of the monitor, in the cut very high at 83 percent. Also the quality of DVD playback left to be desired. Environment and health in battery mode the disappointed: Was working after one hour 25 minutes. Seven minutes rather made to pass out the battery video watching. Operation and facilities unfortunately it is not possible to reset the notebook for serious errors in the delivery state. Practical: The notebook has built an in ternet camera. MAXDATA provides a laptop bag to protect from scratches on the housing. Good: Fluid and strong vibrations, no harm could add to the notebook. Conclusion the by MAXDATA showed up in the test as a fast notebook that comes through memory-hungry software is not stalled. ««by the low battery life, it is however not suitable for working on the go.

Review conclusion: What you should know

Order this product at amazon no cons pro no mark of editorial non-existent user rating now evaluate alternative notebook MSI VR601-T2326VHP (test winner output 8/08) convinces with its high pace of work and the two gigabyte memory.  » advisor: 15 brand laptops under 500 euro» buying advice: Notebooks