Mecca of the Mobile Service Providers

Viva Barcelona! With the Mobile World Congress, the coolest mobile show of the year starts on February 15. Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and co. present their new products. CHIP online advance times reveals what you can expect from the MWC on new cell phones, trends and services.

Shortly before the start of the world’s largest mobile wireless fair in Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Simmers’s powerful in the rumor mill. There is about cool Android phones such as the Motorola Zeppelin and that HTC legend speculated. Also have many mobile experts Nokia N87 with 12 mega pixel camera and the RIM BlackBerry Magnum on the invoice. And Garmin-Asus is trying again to gain a foothold with nüvifones on the German market. Seems perfectly clear: Samsung brings its first Smart phone with the proprietary Bada OS. Expected also in Barcelona: the first smart phone with Windows Mobile 7 and official details of the revised 6.5 version of Microsoft. Looking forward, we are whether the software giant has its first Zune phone to match wits so Google and his nexus one.

Mobile phones, trends, services
In addition to current trends, such as Android and touchscreen phones, services and apps will be also a major issue in Barcelona-of social network services up to the navigation. Performances of the next generation of wireless technology, LTE and fixed processors brand Qualcomm are also on the fair plan.

Sneak preview
CHIP online takes you in the MWC preview photo gallery on a first major tour, find all details about the potential mobile hits as well as trends and services, on the following pages.

Mobile Show: Nokia, HTC, Samsung & Co.

On the World Wide Web, attractive handsets that are to take over possible main roles at the MWC are circulating for weeks. In addition to the objects of speculation, but quite sure also recently launched models in the Exhibitor showcases will be available.

Nokia N87 12MP
Even though Nokia spatially reduced its MWC appearance, the Finns with new cell phones on the ground – in the luggage may be the N87 12MP. Although Nokia has stop the video emerged on YouTube for his allegedly first 12 megapixel phone from intellectual property rights. However, circulating screens of the leaked secret documents the potential magnificence of pixels through the Internet. From this that the cam with a Carl Zeiss lens equipped and installed also a xenon flash showing also. Also a 3.2-inch, capacitive touch display put in double slider. Also documented is a comprehensive 16 GB mobile phone memory and a 600 MHz processor.

HTC incredible
Safe as the Amen in Church: HTC will be with new Android and Windows phones on the spot. Whether presented actually all HTC devices that currently making the rounds on the Web, also under the Catalan Sun, is still open. The hits could include the Android-based incredible. According to the site our site should 2.1 take advantage of the new Google platform Android version HTC incredible and in addition with the proprietary interface sense be UI equipped. Technical facilities probably include a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, a digital camera with LED Flash and 256 MB of RAM.In the case, a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor works supposedly clock frequency.

Samsung S5620
It is already official: Samsung brings a new touchscreen phone called S5620 and exhibiting it at the MWC. The size of the touch-sensitive display is specified with 3 inch. Samsung touch Wiz used, which stands for many individual settings and offers three Homescreens is as user interface. For this purpose, the sensitive soul for quick visits to the Internet via Wi-Fi and HSDPA is prepared. Also a GPS receiver, the Wisepilot navigation software and a 3.2-megapixel camera into the housing. A for external microSD memory card slot, a music player and a radio function not missing the S5620 also, which will ship in February for around 260 euros.

Microsoft pink / Zune phone
Since few months ago discussed the mobile community from a private Microsoft mobile phone. According to information from our site could keep the alleged project called Pink phone in Barcelona in the hands of Steve Ballmer. According to Internet reports, is similar to the pink phone music player Zune from Microsoft, is traded as Zune phone. It will work with the alleged Media Edition, the new platform Windows Mobile 7 (WM7). A 5-megapixel camera count in addition to the touchscreen also features.According to our site inside the Zune phone NVIDIA’s Tegra graphics chip. This enables the playback of HD videos in 720 p-resolution and an HDMI output. With the pink phone, Microsoft would follow directly the concept of Google: the search engine giant provides specifically that Nexus one in the USA, soon also in Germany.

Sony Ericsson Robyn
In the next few weeks, we expect the first Android phone from Sony Ericsson, Xperia X 10. Now, a mini output on the Internet has already surfaced. According to our sitethe X 10 version significantly scaled down in the format intended for the working title of Robyn. As the large version of Xperia X 10, the so far unconfirmed mobile uses Google’s Android platform. Also the Robyn supposedly supports the manufacturer’s own user applications time and Mediascape for more effective operation. Whether the Robyn also has an 8.1 megapixel camera and fast Internet visits via Wi-Fi and HSDPA masters, not out in the previous info – but maybe an official presentation at MWC.

Mobile OS: Android, Symbian, Bada, Windows Phone 7

Choose the user soon rather his dream mobile phone according to the operating system as to the manufacturer? The trend is there. Not without reason screw Google & co. at their open platforms – also to their app stores to replenish.

Open platforms are increasingly popular. The basis of the new mobile technologies: here, for example, the ever finer display techniques such as AMOLED – are ideal for the reading of 3D games, the transmission rates such as Wi-Fi or HSPA, or the vastly improved processor power, the multi-tasking multiple appsguarantees.

Google vs. Apple
Apple places no value on a MWC appearance (as little as Palm) and offers more stage space at the exhibition centre in Plaza Espanya so the competing platforms.Google also is missing, but is strongly represented by mobile phone manufacturers.Finally have the lot new to the Android OS in the luggage. Even outsiders of Garmin-ASUS presents an Android with the Nuvifone A50, and also Alcatel with the supposed OT-980 on the new Google OS should be soon.

More openness
To the Symbian Foundation has opened up completely their platform zig Nokia phones are based on the, for the developer. It promises an increase of exciting tools and services for the future. Samsung wants to get his new, open operating system bada and a related app store also a large piece of the app cake. Also here the motto: the surface should allow very easy and intuitive to use and offer much personality.Bada should are used on Smartphones from Samsung, a first model will be presented at MWC.

The launch of Microsoft’s new mobile OS Windows Mobile 7 falls in one of the exhibition halls. An official presentation with all details and matching cell phones is expected during the fair. The previous Info the update promise among other things more finger friendly, also in the submenus.

Mobile Services: From Social Networks To Navigation

Cool devices and operating systems are only two prominent cornerstones at MWC and ensure a seamless transition to the third and final act: mobile phone services round off our upcoming trade shows.

Twitter, post, find friends: social network services like Twitter or Facebook on your phone is a must-have in the mobile world. The showmanship in the Web is ready to go with further developments for the next round. So, the rich communications suite, global industry association the GSM mobile service provider, a mixture of instant messaging and MMS has announced.

Locating and navigating
But not only the communication gets tailwind. More Google maps, more directions, more guides for bars, more… Location-based services (location based services, short LBS) come in drive and on the mega-show. There are news around the mobile navigation. NAVIGON plans the delivery of its MobileNavigator app for Android phones.Nokia will continue 3.3 its Nokia Ovi maps in scene, making worldwide recently to the free pilot selected S60 phones.

Even if the mobile security a lot will do: purchases over the phone are not rocket science. Internet browsers are a popular tool for users and developers in the mobile.At MWC, CHIP online can be perform the Opera Mini on the iPhone and Firefox look at mobile, which is supposed to work soon in Android phones. We will stumble safely in addition about the one or two extremely exciting and practical app.