Men’s Leather Jacket

Men’s Leather Jacket:Learn to wear the right model for your style – With the arrival of the cold, it’s time to take off the coats and warm pieces from the closet. We’ve already given out tips for looks for the fall, and the leather jacket is a classic piece of men’s wardrobe that you can use many times during the season.

Like any fashion icon, the leather jacket has the power to lift any look, including a personality factor in looks of any style, from the most formal to the most fun.

Formal style with leather jacket

How about replacing your suit jacket with a leather jacket? In addition to breaking the extreme formality of the look, the jacket brings a rebellious look to the shirt set, sweater, tie, pants and social shoes, creating a preppy funky look that works great for a happy hour or less formal work environments.

Some models of social shoes are best suited to play with the hi-lo of this type of production, such as lacquered and lace-up shoes that are quite formal, emphasizing that the contrast between the pieces is intentional and not mere chance.

Casual style with leather jacket: rock’n’roll proposal

The most common image that comes to mind when talking about looks with leather jackets is the punks and rockers of the 1970s and 1980s. Who wants to take advantage of this reference, has in the models biker and perfecto its great allies.

The look with rocker footprint is characterized by the use of neutral colors and without much contrast between them.Fairer modeling jeans, T-shirts and boots completes the proposal.

Casual style with leather jacket:sports proposal

Anyone who has a more sporty style and yet does not want to give up the leather jacket can be inspired by rather casual looks with overlaps of pieces of softer fabric such as sweatshirts or flannel shirts.Underneath, cotton T-shirt and jeans complete the look.

Leather sneakers , sneakers and work boots are the best accessories for this type of look.

How to combine colors with leather jacket?

Many men have doubts about the best colors for their leather jackets. Black and brown are the most versatile because these tones are neutral and can be worn with just about any clothing.Already the colored ones stand out in the visual, transforming the jacket in the focal point of the look.

You do not have to match the color of your jacket with the color of the shoe, but it is interesting that the look has unity. Choosing similar tones, such as a black jacket + gray lead shoe, or brown jacket + caramel boot, is a way to vary without risking making mistakes. The more daring can bet on the contrast of the color block .