Men’s Palladium Shoes

You see everyone with the same shoes? No, it is not necessarily the Stan Smith-though… In short, you prefer to wear shoes that you like, allowing you to show your style and you’re some or almost not to end up at the feet of your colleagues. If you recognize yourself in this description, you should enjoy this new model from Palladium.

5 pairs of shoes really unique

You know, Palladium is a brand we appreciate a lot at. Recently, we told you about including collection 2016-17, attractive to more than one title. But before that, here is THE most beautiful pair of shoes of the summer 2016. And even the most beautiful 5 pairs. Yes, just that. Because 5 pairs of boots and sneakers Palladium Our site x that have been exclusively created for this summer.

For the occasion, it is the young artist SKZ who has customized the Palabrouse Navy, Pallabric Castelrock, Palavil floor, Palavil Turbulence and US Oxford. Its very urban graphics seemed designed to reinterpret the iconic.

Win your pair of Palladium x

Beyond ARISTMARKETING, we find of course features of the Palladium shoes. Behind a sometimes massive aspect, the boots are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Special mention for the Palavil and the iconic Palabrouse. Attention, however: If you’re between sizes, choose the larger size.

Naturally, this series is very limited, are there not for everyone. We offer so to win your pair of Palladium x Our site through a first contest. And if you aren’t part of the lucky winners, you will still be able to visit the site of Palladium or shop to catch up. But right now, we can’t guarantee that you will be the only ones to wear your pair…