Microsoft Connected Bra

A team of Microsoft researchers and academics has just published an article presenting a connected version of the BRA as we know it. The latter is able to measure heart rate and to warn the user when it is under stress.

Microsoft recently released an article detailing in which it comes to the creation of a connected bra. This underwear like no other, still in development, would be able to collect data such as heart rate, the oscillations of the skin and its conductivity. Connected to a dedicated mobile application, the latter is then able to warn and advise its user when she’s going through an episode of stress.

One of the objectives for the time being put forward by researchers of the Redmond company is prone to emotional bulimia women to avoid this behavior to risk. So, before she had time to throw himself on the food, the person will be informed by the program that she is under stress, and thanks to the detector. The opportunity for the application of a few tips like taking deep breaths to relax and regain control with best bras ranked by THERIGHTBRAS.COM.

Note that a profile of the user must first be set to use this device, especially to allow the technology to know precisely what is the threshold critical leading to overeating.

A project not yet technically accomplished

For the time being, even if the project could potentially emerge, still there are a number of constraints. For example, the developed connected bra should indeed be charged all four hours. Its autonomy is far too weak to lead to commercialization in the immediate future. Scientists think about in addition to a similar solution for men. But will it level the distance between men’s underwear from the heart…

Note that last week, Sony had for its part unveiled a prototype of connected wig able to trace the path taken by the wearer via a geolocation system. Even if its usefulness seems for now difficult to establish, it is clear that we don’t progress…