Microsoft Kin Fan Creates Website to Eternalize It

The adventure of Microsoft in the world of mobile phones was brief. The Kin One and Kin Two were little more than two months on the market American when they were canceled. Cell were not making the success that Microsoft expected and so the company saw no reason to continue selling. One day after the announced death, one fan cell created a website to immortalize the memory of Kin.

Shmuel Tennenhaus created KinRip (caution when opening, there is a music background in autoplay) so that other fans Kins could share the good times and good memories that had (or have dreamed of) with the dead devices.

To light a virtual candle for Kin, you can also leave testimonials on the site. Among the available on the first page, we have Jeremy Bingaman says “Rest in peace, Kin. Say hello to Michael Jackson and Pepsi Crystal, “the Mark Cordova says” He was the Pontiac Aztec mobiles, feel homesick. “And Matt K that says” I found that the Kin is gone at the same time I discovered that he even existed.”

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